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Why buy ad space on
After trying to make a go of the website with Donations, Affiliate Programs, and Apparel, it was decided to sell ad space on the main page to help offset the cost of running the website. This was not done lightly as we wanted to keep the site about Jeeps and nothing else, but as with anything, cost is a factor and we need to help offset that.
How Much does it cost?
For $100.00, you will get a 88x30 pixel banner, designed by either you or us and it will remain on the main page of the website for 6 months. You will have priority to keep the ad and a reminder will be sent out to you. This ad space is guaranteed for the 6 months and is not CPM based, not banner based, not anything based except showing your ad for every home page view (and possibly other lower pages) depending on how much response we get and the deal we work out with you.
How Many Hits does CertifiableJeep get?
In a given month, CertifiableJeep gets approximately 5,000 hits. This number has been going up steadily over the past 9 months the site has been in existence. So, about 6,000 unique people will see your site in a given 6-month period. This number is an average and has only been going up as we have expanded our site. The site expands daily and more and more build-ups are happening so that means only more and more people will see your advertisement. Join soon to start seeing more hits on your site!
I want to sign up, how do I?
We will be more then happy to talk to you about advertising with You may contact us at Buy Ad Space!!. Hurry, because space is limited to 9 companies right now. In the future, we have plans of turning this area into a rotating link that scrolls across the top of the page and shows all the advertisers in a random fashion, but this will depend on response. Also, we are kicking around the idea of selling space on other "top hit" pages for less money, possibly $75.00 or $50.00 per ad. We accept Paypal, checks and money orders, but the latter payments will require that they clear before your ad goes up on the site.

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