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Thank you to all...
This page is dedicated to all the people that have helped with the site and the Jeep buildups in the process. Over the past few months with the new project Jeep, also known as the third project Jeep or the "Yellow" Jeep, there is mainly 1 family I have to thank greatly. The Schaub family has taken the Jeep into their garage and has been very accommodating with the work schedule that allows us to work on the Jeep when we can. Frank has even donated some of his time and effort to help in the restoration process even though he claims he is retired from the Jeep business. Jen, what can I say, you put up with me and my Jeep sickness, I can't say thank you enough.

Secondly I would like to thank my family for all the times I had to bag on them because I was running out to pick up or look at Jeep parts, or I had to leave early and skip dinner because I had to go do bodywork and sand down the Jeep before paint. Thanks for being so understanding.
Orange Crush The Gray One
Little Maroon One "Yellow" Jeep
Silver "FJ" Projec "MOAB"
TJScrambler Projec "Leftie"
Lastly I would like to thank the following people for their efforts and advice throughout the years on the recent project as well as the previous projects.

1) John at Valiante Auto Body who painted the Orange Jeep in pieces
2) Ang for all the body work on the Yellow and Maroon Jeeps
3) Bill @ Highway Auto Body for the shop usage to paint the Maroon/Yellow Jeeps
4) Johnny-5 for painting the Maroon/Yellow Jeeps
5) Ara for helping out clean up the motor
6) Paul & Alyssa for housing the gray Jeep project when my condo kicked it out
7) Walter & Prim for the help with the first body removal and axle/lift upgrades
8) Kenric for helping to walk the motor all around the driveway
9) Eric for trading seats so I would have a matching set for the "Yellow" project
10) TheJunkMan - Len for providing the first set of parts for project "FJ"
11) Curtis, for allowing me to build his dream Jeep
12) Jen, for allowing me to build Curtis's dream Jeep

and finally to Fred for without his patience and tutelage in solving problems none of this wouldn't have been possible...

Here's to more years and more Jeeps... cheers!

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