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T-Shirts - FREE... Yes I said FREE
The t-shirts that are shown below come in sizes XL, L, M, and S. They are available for FREE by donating more then $10.00, or following our rules for placing orders with our affiliated partner sites.

If you want to get a FREE t-shirt, you simply have to place an order of more then $100.00 from the list of partner's that we have arrangements with. Simply click on one of the partners links from the "on-line shops" page and complete a transaction with them for more then $100.00 and we will be notified by our affiliate program that someone placed an order. They don't provide us with your information, only the amount that was ordered and from what provider, so don't worry about identity theft concerns, we don't get notified of your private information.

Next, you have to send us an email with your 1) order id, 2) order amount, 3) which partner you placed your order through, 4) t-shirt size/color, and 5) your mailing address. Once we verify that all the information matches up, we will send you a FREE t-shirt of your choice of color and size. It is as simple as that. Please put "Free T-shirt" in the subject line of the email to make the processing easier.

Bottom line, if you were going to order up some parts for your Jeep, you probably were going to order them through or Quadratec anyways, so this is just a way for the CertifiableJeep website to make some money and you to get a free t-shirt. Everyone wins!

You can also donate more then $10.00 to the site and we will send you a free t-shirt for making the donation. We will confirm the donation and then send you an email to get your shipping address information and then we will send out your FREE t-shirt with us paying for the shipping via USPS. We can't ship to P.O. boxes due to problems in the past, so please include a shipping address where you can receive packages.
Gray Front
  White Front
Gray Back
  White Back
DISCLAIMER: Limit 1 t-shirt per order of over $100.00. If you place multiple orders of $100.00, you can receive up to 5 FREE t-shirts in a six-month period, but sizes/colors may very depending on what is in stock at the time. We will try to accommodate each request in a timely manner. As shirt quantities run low, we re-order them, but sometimes it takes a few days to fulfill the orders.

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