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How Much is My CJ Worth?
1) Don't Sell It!
  You will be sorry. Anyone that has sold their CJ regrets it sooner or later.
2) Perceived Value
  Everyone thinks their CJ is worth more then it is. Fact of the matter is, it is NOT. Unless it is purpose built for you by a shop, only then will it be worth the money that has gone into it. Once you drive it around and go off road in it, the value decreases.
3) Actual Value
  First, you will never get out of your Jeep what you have put into it, it is just a fact, accept it and you will be able to accept the offers that are coming in. If your Jeep has been used as a DD (daily driver) for years and has the signs of age, then it isn't going to sell for high dollars. If it has high mileage, broken zippers, tattered this or broken that, it shows that it hasn't been kept up. People tend to shy away from these Jeeps and usually they get less then $2,000 for it. Jeeps that are kept up and are rust free tend to go for more.
4) Location
  Northeast Jeeps have rust, southern and western Jeeps usually don't. It is a supply vs. demand issue we are facing here. If you live where they are plentiful, the cost will be less, if you live where there are none, then the cost will be more. The cost goes up a bit too if the Jeep has been imported from a good area to a bad one.
5) Aftermarket Parts
  Only Aftermarket Parts that add value to the Jeep can be considered when you are sizing up your Jeep for sale. If you put something on the Jeep that "you" like and most people don't like, then it is worthless. This includes custom decals, custom paint jobs, custom chrome parts, tailights or colors.

The things that do add value are tasteful, practical and useful items that have been added to the Jeep. Most people want as close to stock Jeeps as they can find with a solid foundation to build from. Once they have that, they can add whatever they want. If your foundation isn't solid, then it will be harder to sell your Jeep for what you want to get for it.
6) Upgrades
  There are a lot of things that people do to their Jeeps to make them run better. This ultimately adds value to your Jeep as long as the people you are marketing to aren't purists. HEI, FTI, Fuel Injection (EFI or MPFI), carb upgrades (MC or Weber), 1-piece axles, steering boxes/braces, rims, tires, lights and armor all will probably bring you some extra money.
7) Frame/Body Rot
  If your frame is shot and by this I mean that there is swiss cheese in the frame, then it is more then likely undriveable. Make sure that if you are buying or trying to sell a vehicle like this, it is safe for someone or yourself to drive it.

This also goes for body rot. If you don't have floors, or the bracing underneath is chewed away, you might not even want to try sitting in the Jeep.

Usually these types of Jeeps go for very little money, unless they have a lot of extra parts with it.
8) High Mileage
  If you have a rig with high mileage on it, then usually the whole drivetrain has that mileage on it. This doesn't just mean you need an engine rebuilt, sometimes you need the transmission, transfer case or perhaps the axles need to be looked at and gone through.

When trying to sell a vehicle with high mileage, buyers will be worried about brakes, gas lines, and all the associated stuff that goes into motivating the drivetrain. This ultimately leads to lower prices for the seller.
9) Bottom Line - $$$$$
  You will get what people are willing to pay for it. I have seen CJ's sell from $1K to $55K. It is all about what someone is willing to give you for your rig. eBay is a good place to judge. If you think your rig is worth $7,500, then put it up there with a reserve of $7,500. Start it low and see what people bid for it. Along the way you will see some comments and questions. This will help you to write a better description.

You can put it on CraigsList for free. Put it in for the $7,500 and see if you get any responses. Lower it every 2 weeks and see when you get the responses. If you are being honest with yourself, you should see offers and interest quickly. If you don't see offers then it is either priced to high or you are in a saturated market.

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