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What Type of Jeep Do I Have?
1) What do you think you have?
  The question of what type of Jeep Do I have is one of the most asked questions on the forum. It can be broken down into 2 categories as I see it. There are the people that want to know if they have a CJ5, CJ6, CJ7, CJ8, etc. and then there are the people that want to know what type of trim their Jeep came with. Was it a Laredo, was it a Renegade, etc.?

Just a quick note, MOST of the Laredo's were 6 cylinders, not 4, so if you have a 4-banger, it probably isn't a Laredo. Not to say this couldn't be the case, but I am talking about the majority here.
2) Model Types
  Here is a link to some of the differences in CJ model's.
3) Trim Types
  I called them Jeep "Types", but you can refer to them as trim packages or options, I guess a lot of things really. I will break it down here and we can add more as necessary. Laredo and Renegades are trim and sticker packages with some extra things thrown in. Remember dealers also had a hand in some of this, so I have seen Jeeps that are dealer specials. Don't get confused with them and the factory options.

The list of goodies include: tach, clock, leather steering wheel, leather grab bar, gauge cover, chrome grille, chrome wheels, two tone seats, and aluminum rocker trim. Some had carpet lower door panels as well as carpet on the side of the seats. There was also badging on the lower glove box.

The list of goodies include: tach, clock and decals saying it is a Renegade.

Golden Eagle
The list of goodies include: tach, clock, decals, matching goldish color dash pad, seats and inner door panels, gauge cover, power steering, power brakes, factory hard top

Came in 2 or 3 colors, had color matched fender flares, hard top and leather seats. Side mirrors came on the hard doors.

Levi seats with buttons, Levi Sticker under the Jeep Logo.

  So... this list is growing, but I think I have given you all the possible combinations to determine what type of Jeep that you may have just purchased. So, here is the kicker... unless you bought this Jeep brand new, have paperwork on it, or know that you are the 2nd owner and talked to the original owner... and you trust him, you will never really truly know if you have a Renegade or Laredo. It is very easy to swap stuff in to make it look like a Laredo, Renegade, Golden Eagle, or Levi's edition.

In fact, I just bought a "Laredo" dash, according to the owner. I have no idea if it is or not. It has the cutouts for a tach and clock and had some vinyl stickers around where the dash cover was. Is it a Laredo dash? Who knows, all I wanted was to have a tach in the Jeep and this was the easiest way for me to accomplish it.

One last thing to note... The tag under the brake master on the firewall will tell you the paint codes and trim codes. If you have a certain type of Jeep, the paint code might indicate what that might have been a little more. You can look up websites for paint codes to see what yours originally came with if it has been repainted.

cb (07/16/07)

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