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Garage 4 Post Lift - Part #1
(09.15.13) Ever since I built the addition to the garage, I wanted to get more storage area in there for the winter months, but there never was a stack of money available for me to do so.
I started to research the lifts and came across a whole range of lifts that I can use. Some were very inexpensive and cheaply built and some were more expensive, but overkill for what I wanted to do. I work a full-time job, so the lift wouldn't be used 7 days a week like some professional ones are.
I opted for a 4 post, 8,000 lb. Atlas lift. It came as shown on the trailer and unpacked fairly easily. It was very HEAVY, but all in all, 2 of us, with some jacks and an engine hoist managed it. Right now it is not complete, but will be this coming weekend I hope. It really went together nicely so far, I hope the connections and hydraulics are just as easy.
(09.21.13) I have been working every night this week to finish up the lift so I could get my wife's car back in her garage and move the Orange Jeep back into its spot. It was a lot more lying on the ground and trying to figure out what is what and what goes where. As with all directions, they were OK, but some of the pictures and direction of certain items didn't always line up. In the end, I had to do a few things over and do things twice, which drives me nuts, but the lift is up in the air and there is a car on it and soon to be a car under it.
I finally got the lift to go up and down a few times, adjusted the stops and lifts and finally got the car in the air. I put stuff away quick as it was late and we had to do stuff with the kids, but all in all, it is done for now. I still have to move the lights and finish up the insulation, but it was scheduled to be 80 degrees for the next few days and I opted out of that. I can get the car under it and I don't hit the light at the moment. I can go up another 4 inches to the next click (and top most) once I have the light moved out of the way. It will give a bit more room under hte lift as well.

Check back soon for more updates.

cb (09.21.13)
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