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Project "Sams Jeep" a.k.a Project "SJScrambler" - part #1
I have now gone off the deep end and have decided to build a 2nd Scrambler... at the same time! Well technicially one at a time, but this one I have to put together and get a lot of the parts/pieces together in one place. I am nick-naming it the "Off the shelf" build as I have the majority of the hard parts to put it together. I will need to get some "safety" parts along the way for brake/fuel pieces, but most of this, with the help of the tub/frame, should be already here.
I came across a deal down in PA/MD/NJ intersection of the borders and decided to make it down that way to pick up a project. The project had a tub/frame and a bunch of other parts/pieces. My youngest daughter has been somewhat jealous that her big sister had a "big" Jeep, so I figured it was time to start on one for her. I was able to get all the parts/pieces back to NH and get the other project buttoned up to a "stopping point" so it could be pushed into the back of the garage for a long winters nap, while this one would be moved to the front to get it into a rolling chassis so all the parts/pieces would have a place to go as they were in quite a few odd places around the yard/shed/garage/loft.
I so far probably have 30 hours into it, give or take. I am not going to be keeping as precise details on this one as it will be similar to the other one with customization and costs, so we know how well that is going;) I have gotten a roller together and working on the front end. With the CJ's and older stuff that we have, it seems the world has gone to the TJ and JK and getting parts takes a little longer and there are more backorders these days. All in all I am pleased with how far I have gotten, just waiting on some ball joints to come in so I can button up the front end, slip a locker in there and get all the brakes back together.

Check back soon for updates.

cb (11/28/2016)
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