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Project "Sams Jeep" a.k.a Project "SJScrambler" - part #2
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(3/12/2017) I was able to mock up the new tub and get the top on it and see how it all fit... the bulkhead was super nice and the other parts and pieces were in great shape as well. Coming from NV, it was all clean sheetmetal. There was no issue with it, but I just didn't like the look of the square off corner, and I never intended to use a bulkhead, I wanted a cab with nothign removable on the bottom. Also the bottom square braces bothered me a bit from a looks perspective.
So, I got it all mocked up and realized that overall, we needed to lengthen the frame, as well as figure out how to get some of the bolts to go in the tub, as it was aftermarket and was missing some of the captive nuts behind. So, as I pondered how I was going to do the nuts, I ordered up some steel, cut it up, drilled it out and cut the brand new frame in half... I mean, why not right?
I was able to separate out the frame, add in the sleeves/slugs and get it all back square and then weld it solid. It might be done differently by other people, but I wanted a very stout and sequre frame... so I overdid it. Once the frame was done, I went to getting back on the tub and figuring out what was wrong. Basically the shape of the top of the edge wasn't the same as factory and it threw off a lot of things. So, out came some b-pillars I had handy and they were mocked into place. The issue now was the fact that the tub was not square. I had been chasing my tail and I couldn't get it to square up no matter what I tried. The top wouldn't fit right, nor would the windshield frame.
I took a known dimension, a bulkhead I had lying around, got that in place, mocked up the sides and the got it all square, or so I thought. The bed seemed to be out of wack... so at this point... I was kind of confused and mad, so I just left it alone and went picking.
I came back with a lod of goodies that will be used on the project and decided to call it a day. I will address the issues later on... and I am leaning towards a factory tub for the dimensions and look. I wanted the JEEP stamp as well, which this one doesn't have. It is a bummer that they spent all the time making the tub, but the dimensions are way off and I can't get the factory parts to line up at all.

cb (3/12/2017)
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