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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #1
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I have always wanted a Scrambler, and I have always wanted to have kids. I never got the Scrambler I wanted, but I definitely got the little one that I had wanted for so long. She arrived just about nine months ago... she was such a Daddy's girl from the second she was born, opened her eyes, and grabbed my finger. So, I figured that if I started something now, maybe in 16 years, she would be able to have something to drive. Maybe even help the old man out with some of the work as she gets older and hopefully more interested.
The pictures are few, but the history is unfolding already on this project. The frame came from the Estate Sale of the Wnuk family. They had a very large sale of all the Jeep parts that he had and I was fortunate enough to go down and grab the frame and the CJ tin that you see in the pictures. We also are entered into a drawing for a new trailer... we shall find that information out in September. All in all, the project is just being formulated, but the ideas, colors, build-up, and statistics are all being laid out and there will be more to come in the future. I am always looking for parts, and now an actual beat up Scrambler for the donor to the project, so in time, this will unfold, for now, the Matkins frame is the foundation, and the rest will be the best of the best and hopefully certifiably over the top.

2 things though, TJScrambler stands for the initials of my daughter, nothing will be TJ about the Scrambler except for perhaps the filler cap, or the license plate, possibly heater parts, but that is about it. The second piece of information is that this will probably take many years to complete. Time, and more importantly money, is not on my side at the moment. The list of items I want is already adding up, and with multiple projects going on in the garage and in the house/yard, there just isn't enough of either of them at the moment.

cb (05/25/10)
So, it has been a while since I have updated this section, but rest assured, the Jeep parts collection process is still taking place. I was able to pick up some fenders, a T18 transmission, a CJ7 frame in great shape (it is for sale, it isn't part of this project), Some tires for rollers, 15x8 chrome rims of which 3 are in good shape, the other is questionable, and finally some stock 20 gallon gas tanks and skid plates.
The rest of the Scrambler purchasing should be done in a couple weeks. I need to attend to some personal stuff in the next few weekends, but after that, we should be rocking and rolling on getting the Scrambler here and getting a roller going.

cb (07/18/10)
The deal was struck a while ago and finally I had time to go down and pick up Tabitha's Scrambler. It wasn't too bad of a drive... I borrowed a trailer and went down to go grab it. In about an hour we had it loaded up and ready to head home. Once I got home it started to rain a bit and I unloaded it as quick as I could. Once it was all unloaded, I went back and returned the trailer.
The whole process went very smooth. The body and frame, as well as the bulkhead, and engine will be sold off to pay for the cost of the purchase. The windhsield frame is junk as is the tailgate, but the hardware will be saved. The fenders are so-so. All in all, all the other parts are good and it gives us a good foundation on which to build the Scrambler up. We already have the frame, so the next steps are to find some time and get going on parting the parts out and then building up a roller.

cb (08/23/10)
(10/05/10) The days of having all weekend to work on a Jeep are a distant memory these days. I was able to get out and do a bit of work though, and it was great to get back out there and do some little things.

Let's start by recapping what has been done. Essentially I now have 5 15x8 1981 Jeep CJ Laredo wheels that will be used on this project. I had 4, got 3 more from Eric at JerseyJeeps, and then picked up a set of axles from a 1986 Jeep CJ7. These axles are matched, have 2.73 gears, and has the desirable Dana 44 rear. I also picked up a grill off CraigList that may or may not make in on the project. I have an idea, I am still formulating it in my head.
I also stripped the wheels and polished them up... the clear coat was pretty nasty and with a few hours worth of work, I have 5 wheels that look really nice. I am also doing the Silver Jeep that we have, so that is the one rim with the tire on it. Those 5 are coming out nice as well.

cb (10/05/10)
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