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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #4
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(04/12/11) I don't have a whole lot to report as I am working on the Orange rig trying to get the heater core and blower motor replaced so I can drive it this summer. Oh yeah, the O2 sensor as well needs the bung re-welded due to leakage and the O2 sensor is now bad, but other than that, I still am able to get some time to get some parts when I have a spare few dollars.
I finally received the wiring harness, the steering column, the kilby skid plate, and finally the rocker knockers are on the way as well. All in all, a good haul and the parts are starting to pile up. Once the Orange one is back together and the Silver one has a few things installed in it for wheeling, I will start to assemble what I have an see what kind of custom work we have to do for the Matkins frame.

cb (04/12/11)
(05/24/11) I was able to take the cage out of the silver Jeep and that will be used in this project. I then inventoried what I had, made some more purchases and then finally got the frame on jack stands. My wife's Jeep still needs some work done to it and I need a few more parts, but basically I hope to get moving on this project this weekend!

cb (05/24/11)
(06/14/11) I was able to make some progress this weekend in getting the Jeep in some shape of a roller. There have been challenges of the aftermarket frame and the Rubicon Express 4.5" suspension, but I think with another couple hours they will all mate up together. The RE kit is much more rugged and has bigger hardware and pins for the springs, so a lot of holes need to be "massaged" to fit.

cb (06/14/11)
(06/20/11) I wasn't able to do a whole lot of work since it was Father's Day, however, I did receive some parts and was able to get a bit done during the week, so the pictures represent all of what has happened over the last week. The wooden side boards are amazing reproductions of the originals and the seats are in great shape as well. The sun visors are OK, but have some damage. All in all, the suspension is all in place after a lot of modifications to the frame, u-bolts, and spring perches. They all didn't want to play nice together, but they are all a cohesive unit now. Next up is the gas tank skid, shocks, bell pan, engine mock up, transmission, do the 4:1 kit in the Dana 300... the list is large.

cb (06/20/11)
(07/04/11) It is the 4th of July today!!! A good day because it is a day off, a bad day because it is so freaking hot and humid out. I was hoping to work more on the Scrambler, but we will see how the day progresses. A few shots of all the work I have been doing. There is a TON of drilling in a frame that doesn't have holes already there. The power steering mount was fun, as was the gas tank, but it is all there!

cb (07/04/11)
(11/06/11) It has been forever since I updated the site and sadly, the reason is that with the new baby and getting ready for her, her arriving, and the weather being what it has been, I have had no time! We are back into a routine of sorts and now the 7 week old is sleeping and eating more, so that is helping a lot of things. I had these pictures but never posted them. The front steering is mostly in place with just a few more things to button up. It is coming together nicely.

We are all string up with new tie rod ends and drag link, new pitman arm and AGR steering box, and finally I am adding a stock sway bar to this for now. Tabitha will be driving this with the 35" tires on it, so hopefully this will give her a bit of assistance... well, that and the steering stabilizer. It should be a nice riding rig when it is all said and done.

cb (11/06/11)
(02/02/12) It has been a while since I have updated anything on my various websites. The Scrambler project is still on going and now that the little one is almost 5 months old, that is helping a LOT. After getting over various colds and not sleeping, things (I hope) are back on track.

We picked up a set of 1978 CJ-5 axles the other day for the outers of the front Dana 30. These are Narrow Track axles and the ones we have for the front are Wide Track and we will swap parts over, but the interesting part of these axles are that they are the infamous 6 bolt calipers that were only offered in 1977 and 1978. What a PITA trying to figure out the parts for the brake swap. I got the brake backing plates, calipers, rotors, and pads finally. The interesting part was you had to know that the rears were 11" brakes and the calipers were rear mounted on the spindles. All of which, you don't know, the first time you go to the parts store. All in all, all the parts are here and we will try to swap some this weekend!

cb (02/02/12)
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