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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #9
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(05/01/2012) I finally got a few minutes to write up some stuff about what has been going on since I have not made much progress with Tabitha's Jeep. The main reason why I haven't made progress is that I now have 2 new Jeep projects that I am trying to get ready to get out the door and I am also trying to get the wheels shined up for my wife's CJ-5, with a new set of NOS 6 bolt hubs that are on the way... all for Mother's Day. Well, her Jeep, not selling the other 2 Jeep projects.
So, to recap, I still have the frame from the CJ-8 project as my buddy's frame was fine and he didn't end up needing this one. I have a new cross member for it as well as body mounts and I will fix up those little issues and then put a drivetrain and axles under it.
The drivetrains are being swapped from the new CJ-7 project I picked up as well as the body of the CJ-7 will be sold off in favor of a 1991 YJ tub that isn't pictured here, but it is on its way soon. It was part of the package deal. I took everything he had, including the 2 hard tops (one is great, one is not good, but the tailgate and glass are). So, all in all, things were pretty good last night when I got home with all the parts and pieces. I had spent the day putting in 4 aborveti's and mulching in an area that I would call the "rock garden", but they are in, and it is raining now, so no need to water today!
All in all, my garage is stuffed to the rafters with new Jeep parts, but soon enough these 2 projects will go to new homes. The Scrambler will be complete, not running, minus the body. The CJ7 also will be complete, with a YJ body. I can finish these out for customers or they can come get them, either way, they will be in nice shape once I fix up both frames and get the rest of the stuff ironed out.

cb (05/01/2012)
(05/12/2012) I have been working at night trying to finish up the Jeep. I got all the parts in finally by Thursday evening and all the prep work paid off. The old shocks were out, the drums were paintd, the wheels were mostly done, minus one that was in not the greatest shape, so it took a lot more time and effort to polish it out. I then got everything bolted onto the Jeep and I have to say, it is really coming together nicely.
All that is left is to drop the tire off this morning to have it swapped and then I can come back and mount it up and put the spare on and we will be all set. The hubs are also on and in place, so that is all set now. All in all, I am very happy with how it all turned out. It was a ton of work, and I havenn't made much progress in other areas, but at least now, my wife has her Jeep back, so she can drive it this summer. All it needs is a quick wash and we should be all set. Also, I have the silver one up and running too, so that will be good, I just have to get the Orange one out of storage and get her running as well.

cb (05/12/2012)
A lot is going on right now, so there isn't much progress on this Jeep, but all in all, 2 out of the 3 running Jeep we have are ready to roll and I just pulled the other one out this morning. I am also gearing up to put the second Scrambler in a roller very soon and that will allow for more room, money, and thus time to work on this project. I do have a new set of half doors though that are in very nice shape as well as the parts to fix the Scrambler frame. So, all in all, I am looking forward to all of this!

cb (05/19/2012)
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