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Third Project Build-up - part #15
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I just got back from working on the Jeep and we got a bunch done. I headed up after work and went to the garage and got right to work tapping all the holes that the paint and herculiner got into. This makes it much easier when you put the Jeep back together. I suggest doing this first even thought it takes a bunch more time to do.

After the holes were tapped and ready to go, we headed to the tailgate. The tailgate was already pre-fit, just as all the parts were before paint, however, we needed to put a new tailgate seal on the "Jeep" tailgate to make it look just like the CJ style that we were going for. The herculiner got into all the holes, so we needed to break out the drill and clean up all the holes. The black powder coated hinges were located and the whole thing was put together and made to look as it should.
We then proceeded to put on the fenders as well as the hood. A lot of tweaking and fitting was done and finally the hood hinges were put on. The body was moved around a bit and finally everything was where it should be.

The bolts are still just snugged as there is some final fitting that needs to be done once the radiator shell is all buttoned up. Next was the roll bar and that proved a little more challenging then we thought. The herculiner was a little thicker at the mounting points, so the holes weren't lining up. With a little trimming and grinding of the mount holes, everything is all set to be tightened down.
Right before I left, I was able to put the rear seat in place and get that settled down. I plan on going up there tomorrow night as well and getting a whole list of things done so then over the weekend we can finalize all the trim pieces (Jen will be doing that) and then finally hopefully starting the rear wiring on the "Yellow" Jeep so we can put in the rear lights and gas filler neck and have the rear of the Jeep all set.

Also on the list is to put the brake power booster in as well as the brake and clutch assembly. Somewhere along the way I put the gas pedal in and I will button up the emergency brake assembly as well. That is about it from tonight's adventure (10/19/05), more tomorrow.
I just got back from working on the Jeep and we got a lot more done tonight. Frank helped me put on the brake power booster as well as the brake and clutch assembly. We moved onto the roll bar and then finally onto the windshield wiper sprayers that are located above the firewall. Make sure you put these on prior to installing the heater system or you will have to snake a wire in like we did tonight.

I moved onto putting the washers and nuts behind the rear tailgate hinges since the body is from a Wrangler and the CJ had a different mounting setup and then finally I put on the front bolts in the radiator shell and made sure they had backs since one mount was messed up and the nut was no longer there.

I then started putting the lights on the rear and the front fenders and finally I put on a front fender flare on the driver side. After all this was done, we pried off the bondo covering 2 holes on the rear passenger side for the fender flare as well as the rear marker light. I found a few more items and laid them out where they will go on the Jeep and then I finally finished up with looking at the new Weber carburetor that I bought. All in all, I got a lot of little items out of the way and Frank figured out the locking glove box situation. The lock was locked and when we put it back together, it wasn't working right, so he got it all working and now we need to move onto putting the rest of the Jeep back together. Everything else is done now and it is starting to look like a Jeep!
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