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Third Project Build-up - part #5
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So, it has been another week or so since I started doing the bodywork. It is funny; you always seem to have the time and not the money or the money and not the time. Since we started this project, it seems to be the time that we don't have a lot of.
The next two things that were tackled were the addition of the tailgate and the transforming of the cowl to have the defroster in it that will work with the CJ defroster. This takes some time. I got a tailgate off of someone in the forums and when that came in, I lined it up, drilled some holes and put it in place after tapping the holes. This is a temporary solution right now; I need to figure out a way to hold the hinges on better. Perhaps a backing plate or some big washers or something.
With the tailgate still on the brain, I headed up to a Jeep Junkyard of sorts near my house to get some tailgate anchors for the bed of the YJ tub. I needed the brackets and cables so I could attach the tailgate and make it look like an original CJ. This was pretty easy to do, all I needed was to get the parts and make sure that they fit. The parts were cut out of an old CJ body and had to be cleaned up and welded into place. The cables and attaching hardware were all obtained for a fair price and I went to work cleaning them up and welding them in.

Also note that I was able to make a patch panel for the old filler neck and I welded that in. It was my first attempt at doing anything like that, so I think it turned out OK, I just need a little bit of bondo to even everything out and I should be good to go.
With the tailgate done to my satisfaction, I moved onto doing the frame horns, and by doing, I meant removing them. Both sides near the rear tire had to come off to allow for the new frame ears to be welded into place so as to receive the YJ tub onto the frame. The pieces were cut and hammered off and then the frame was ground down in the correct places to receive the new ears. It wasn't overly difficult to do, just time consuming. This project seems to eat cutting discs...
I gave up on the frame for a bit and moved to more bodywork. When fitting the fender flares, I noticed that there were a lot of left over holes from the YJ flares that were on the rear of the tub. This presented me with an issue and what I did was simply grind down and weld in the holes. This isn't overly difficult to do, just takes some time and getting used to the process.
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