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Project "Leftie" - part #10
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(12.07.14) I had to work most of this weekend as well as picking up Christmas presents that required the truck (big) and kids parties limited what I could do. I do have some room in the garage now that we had some items picked up after a long time. All good news, can't complain, just wish there were more hours in a day.
Friday night I tore down the dash and went through the new parts of metal from Classic Enterprises. I mounted up the dash to see that there was a lot of damage and I have to fix a lot of issues. Saturday, for the little bit of time, I was able to get the lower steering shaft repaired and get the steering column all put together for use when we need it. It isnít much on the bodywork or frame work, but it is still progress.
So I hope to get out there this week and get moving on the heating modifications for the top of the cowl and dash panel and get the dash dialed in. I have a lot of fix work to do on that. I have to tack the body mounts in place and eventually remove the modified body panels and flip it over to do the metal work.

cb (12.07.14)
(12.12.14) This week was interesting to say the least. I had all intentions to get a ton done and life intervened. Excuses, excuses, excuses, I got plenty of them, but in reality, with all that is going on, I only put in 2 hours this week and it simply sucks. I got the squirter drilled in the right place, took off the windshield and got ready to put the dash heater section from the old one into the new one by removing the dash panel which I plan to do tomorrow as I am still working, weather permitting also, kids too!

cb (12.12.14)
(12.14.14) I was able to get 8 hours this weekend, which was about 4x the amount I got this week and I took full advantage of it. I was able to work on the rear frame and get the shackels and nuts in place, the body mounts permantently attached to the frame, the rear shackles are on in and in place even though that wasn't planned, the heater section is all CJ now and the whole Jeep was disassembled to allow for the start of underbody replacement.
I started out Sunday by having a neighbor come over and flip the body with me, cleaned up the body mount parts, and then cleaned up a few things and then started on taking off the forward body mount supports and trying to fit the new ones.

We need to fit and cut a bit more, but the replacement parts seem to be pretty good. The workbench was cleaned off quite a bit as well and I went inside to watch the Jets. Yes, the 2-11 Jets. I am a fan, I have been always, I will be always, and I need to watch, even though it is like watching a train wreck... hopefully 2015 will be better.

cb (12.14.14)
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