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Project "Leftie" - part #16
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(02.01.15) I performed a lot of metal surgery over the past 7-8 hours... I cleaned up the garage and put the painted portions away and then started in on tearing apart the rusy bits and getting the new metal in place to make sure it fits up. All in all, some good progress, but as always, I find things lurking and they need to be addressed.
I basically broke it into 2 days, the first were the mid ribs on the Jeep and the second day was the rear tail panel, which turned into the rear tail panel, plus now a new corner as the corner itself was in poor shape once I got the tail panel off. The good news is the fit is pretty decent without doing any clean up yet.
As these parts were never meant to go together, there will be some work to do in order to make the rear lip look good, but all in all, I am hapy with what has happened this far. There will be some repair work on the bed area as some of the spot welds really didn't want to come out easy and some of the metal tore a bit.

cb (02.01.15)
(02.03.15) I spent a couple hours getting this plate removed from the firewall... yeah, that is about it, not too much to report!

Check back soon for updates!

cb (02.03.15)
(02.10.15) After all the snow cleanup, I was able to get a few hours in, removing the rest of the bad sheetmetal and getting the cleco's into place and holding everything level. So far, so good, looking forward to getting a solid welded rear!

cb (02.10.15)
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