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Project "Leftie" - part #13
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(01.04.15) I have had a terrible head cold. My kids got me sick I think and it started right around Christmas time and I am still sick today. Terrible head pressure, nose leaking, sneezing and nasal drip. It is quite hard to sleep and even harder to get work done on the Jeep. If you couple the sickness with the sub-zero temperatures, it makes for a not so nice working environment.
It hasn't stopped me completely though, I am working through trying to get some paint down on the warmer days and then trying to get things assembled while it is upside down to make it easier when it is ready to reassemble the roller. It really is nice to work at a "gentleman" height when it is upside down. I will have a buddy help me flip it when I finish up the welding, hopefully on Saturday.
I installed the bump stops as well as the sway bar stuff and got the bits and pieces off the frame so I can finish up the welding, paint it up, then flip it, paint it and start the reassembly process. It should be a couple weeks before I get to the body, but I should have a nice roller that is ready for the body and the rebuild.

cb (01.04.15)
(01.15.15) I have another 15 hours under my belt. The frame is done, it is painted, it is flipped, it is painted again, the axles were updated with new hardware and then stuffed under the Jeep. The Jeep had the "Jeep lean" to it, but to the other side, so I installed a correction for it. The stud was too short, so I made do and put it in the pack instead of just having it between... it works.
I cut the front shock mounts off, as I have them on the spring perch u-bolt retainers and I burned my wrist pretty good when I was done welding. Just because there is no arc, doesn't mean the heat isn't in the metal. It still hurts. I moved on fro that, started to plumb her up after the front axle and hookups were done. It sits in pretty good shape now, next up, more plumbing, the gas tank, then slap the engine back in place (I hope)!

cb (01.15.15)
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