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Project "Leftie" - part #2
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(08.10.13) I have gotten a ton of garage time this week and last. It feels good to get out there again and do so much work, but it comes with a price. I am tired and sore and the days at work go by very slow!

I have the Jeep up on some jackstands and am waiting for some parts to come in still. The tires are coming today and I will have them on shorty. I have to install a fuel pressure regulator as the carb is getting too much fuel. I put on some new wires as 2 of them were broken and I installed the rear view mirror and just last night the footman loops for the bikini top.
I have to sort out some issues with the passenger side seat, I am missing the rubber insert on the roll bar pad and I still need to drain the radiator and get that cleaned out. All in all I am happy with the progress.

The carburetor has been the biggest pain. I cleaned it and put in a new fuel filter and now it is getting too much fuel. The regulator will help with that, but I don't have the right fittings so I have to go and get some of them today after all the tire business for this Jeep and the Orange one. Stay tuned more to come!

cb (08.10.13)
(08.11.13) I am still digging into the UK Jeep. It is coming along, just a lot of work to do to it. I also am finishing up the Orange Jeep and trying to keep the yard in shape, so yeah, there isn't a lot of time. Soon it wil be on the road and things will be good.

The Orange Jeep has new tires/rubber, my truck has new rubber, and now the UK Jeep has new tires/rubber. I sold off the old rubber and will be getting the wheels powdercoated white in a week or so, so stay tuned to see what Jeep is getting new tires or sneakers next :)

cb (08.11.13)
(08.15.13) I need to start doing some body work in order to get this thing on the road. I have mostly finished up the tune ups and others so when I turn the key it starts everytime. I am very happy with where I am with that, so now I have to fix it so I can get a sticker!

cb (08.15.13)
(09.01.13) I don't have much to report... I have been working on this, but I got very sick, as did one of my kids and we spent the week recovering. I did manage to get the mirrors on (mostly), and got the seat out so I can do the floor replacement under the gas pedal. I then had to contend with a little hummingbird that came to visit and didn't know how to get out of the garage.

I got the new plates on and in place and finished up the front end with the new bumper surrounds that I got a little while ago. It was what was on it new, so I found a set and bolted them on. I am 50/50 on it... it doesn't look bad, but it just isn't what I am used to.

cb (09.01.13)
(09.03.13) Fluids are on the docket right now... well that and the electrical issue I was having with the reverse lights. I have to say that all the reverse light issues are fixed now and with a new pigtail and a new switch, we are back in action. As for the fluids... transmission and front differential are drained and hopefuly will be back up and running this evening, where as the transfer case and rear differential will need some attention throughout the week.

The driver side floor has come in and I will work on that shortly... and fix up a few more body damage areas and we will be ready for inspection!

Check back soon for updates!

cb (09.03.13)
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