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Project "Leftie" - part #6
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(11.14.14) I have been chipping away at getting the Jeep broken down so I can see what the frame looks like, we know the body is pretty shot at this point, more evidence follws in the pictures. I had to go pick up a set of roller tires so I didn't mess up the nice white ones with all the grit, grime, grease, grinding and so on. They were nicer than I had thought, so they went on the Scrambler for the time being and then the Scrambler crappy ones went on this. The ones I picked up had OEM CJ rims, so that was a nice surprise.
I spent a couple more hours on it after I got back and swapped out the wheels, got it on rollers and then took off the windshield frame only to find some more rust (surprise, surprise) behind the hinges. All in all, a decent night, but 3 hours worth of work only netted a little progress. All the time counts when you have to drive 1.5 hours to pick stuff up!

cb (11.14.14)
(11.15.14) I was able to pick up a few extra parts when I went to pick up a new windshield frame as the one I have is trashed. There was a Jeep rear storage box, a tailgate, and a set of stainless steel brake lines from a project that was never completed. I got them for a decent price, so the 1.5 hour round trip was well worth it! Sometimes it works out, but having to drive to get parts cuts into time that you can work on the Jeep. I am going again today to get some seat bracket parts and look at more parts, but again, time is money... or is it just time in this case?

I still can't get the seat belt bolts out either, but I am picking away at it little by little. There are literally layers of metal sandwiching them in place, but with the amount of rust there is, more falls on the floor and eventually they will come out.
A lot of the little pieces, the brackets and fender flare hardware are a major PITA to come off when they are all rusted. I got most of them out and didn't break anything except for some bloody knuckles. I broke out the sawzall as well to cut off the tailgate pieces I need and then I just went to down on the roll bar to get that out of the way as it was trashed as well.

After the road trip for parts today as well as the work I will do on it tonight cleaning up a lot of what I took off this morning, I will be over 100 hours working on this so far since I got it. Time goes so quickly on a project like this. I hope to have the rear section of the body off by the end of next weekend, we will see how far we get. After that I will work on the front section.

cb (11.15.14)
(11.16.14) Not too much to report, just the parts picking run that I made to get seat brackets, but ended up with a larger haul than expected, all in all, pretty cool, no complaints. The beer picture shows what kind of few days it has been ;)

cb (11.16.14)
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