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Project "Leftie" - part #14
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(01.16.15) I got my hands dirty last night for a couple hours cleaning the gas tank, the gas tank rubbers that go on the side and underneath and finally getting it all assembled into the freshly blasted and painted skid plate. It is probably the first time I have ever had a purple bucket on my work bench... I know, it is pretty, just like me ;)
I have an issue with the center gas tank strap and the main issue is the bolt snapped off when removing it. The secondary issue is the center retainer is a little thin and I will have to remedy that. They don't remake this stuff.

cb (01.16.15)
(01.17.15) I hit 225 hours with this project last night and I really didn't even get a ton done. I fixed the non-orderable and replaceable center gas tank strap, I then moved onto paining it in the near freezing temperatures. I cleaned up the grease and oil on the motor mounts and installed them and found some other parts for the plumbing that I need to get in place. I plan on spending most of the day tomorrow working on it and hope to have the engine stabbed back into place with new transmission bushings and such.

cb (01.17.15)
(01.19.15) I spent about 6 hours getting the fuel system in, plumbing most of it, updating the front brakes and getting the engine stabbed back in (after replaceing the torque arm stud, bushings, and the rear transmision mount). I have a ton to do still to get the roller completed, but it is a good turning p oint. I plan on getting the driveshafts in, bolting down the transmission, power steering lines re-attanched and hopefully getting it switch around and the garage cleaned up a bit so this week we can focus on the underside of the body.

Next up, the YJ RHD body gets reworked to be a CJ!

cb (01.19.15)
(01.24.15) I was supposed to be on my way to get the body blasted, but Mother Nature had other plans. So, this week was not a productive week... my little one was very sick, went to the ER and the doctor, she also had to stay home 2 days with Mommy and I. I basically worked one day on the Jeep, back on 01.19.15 - Monday for 4 hours (holiday from work). I tapped lower shock mount, installed drive shafts, installed modified transmission mount and torque stud, re-installed power steering lines, took off cradle from cherry picker.

On Friday night, the 23rd, I got the trailer out from the side of the garage, after chipping through a ton of ice and snow. I got the body loaded up with the help of a neighbor and then the sandblaster cancelled due to the snow that we were getting… supposed to be 8", so we will try again tomorrow. I had to run out and get a tarp to cover it so it will be somewhat dry when we go to blast it tomorrow.

I have to get a few things off the hood and the old firewall as I am bringing more than just the body to be blasted. I plan on spending a couple hours outside today doing that. I will have the roll bar, the newly acquire tailgate, the hood, the front euro bumper bar, and the old firewall blasted as well so we should be done with all blasting after this trip.

cb (01.24.15)
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