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Project "Leftie" - part #11
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(12.19.14) I worked late every night but one this week. I also stepped on a kids toy and royally screwed up my foot and big toe, so there isn't much in the way of progress this week. I was able to get the front shackles out and swap them for the new ones. Wasn't too bad. I finally rectified the YJ vs. CJ under body outer channels as well.
I hope to get to the body mount replacements on the frame this weekend. I am hoping for some time Sunday morning as there are Christmas parties and kids stuff going on all weekend. If I can get the body mounts done on the frame and weld in the rear cross member, I can then remove the suspsension and start the work on the frame and get that all back in shape.

cb (12.19.14)
(12.21.14) I was a bit hopefuly when I said I wantd to get to the body mount replacements on the frame this weekend. I had some time Sunday morning and early afternoon, but it wasn't as much as I was hoping for. I got 2 of body mounts done on the frame and the parts for the rear cross member didn't arrive, as well as I ran out of cutting discs, so it wasn't meant to be. Right now 6 of the 11 mounts are fixed, the other 5 will need attention as well, I wasn't expecting that.

cb (12.21.14)
(12.26.14) I have strung together a few hours here and a couple there to put in 8 for the week and I am happy to report that the 11 body mounts are now all fixed and acceptable to my standards. Next up, the rest of the frame fixing and preparation. I got the new frame tie ins finally and then I had the idea to use the old ones as the inner ones as the new ones were for the stock outer location. That worked out well but chewed up valuable time in fitting and making it all work, but in the future, if there is ever a need for a heavy duty bumper, or some D-rings to pull it out of a stuck location, this will be stout enough to do it.

I then moved onto the rest of the body mounts and those just took the time they did, but they are done. The plan for today and this weekend is to separate the frame from the axles, remove all the bolts and clean up any broken bolts and finally get to fixing the frame where there the start of some pin holes. After that, grind it down, clean it up and get ready to spray some paint on it and then tackle the body! If anyone is keeping track, this is 178 hours so far into all the work that has been done to her since I got it... as everyone says, it is a labor of love, there is no getting that money back ever.

cb (12.26.14)
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