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Project "Leftie" - part #8
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(11.24.14) When the day started, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get the tub off as there was a lot of issues in getting these rusty parts and bolts out, but in the end, I think the word of the day was liberation. I "liberated" the gas tank from the gas tank skid plate and I "liberated" the Jeep front tub portion from the frame.
I drained the coolant late Saturday night so I would have a fresh starting point on Sunday morning and it was warm out, so I opened up the garage and started in on the gas tank. There was probably 10 lbs. of dried mud and crap wedged into the sides and bottom of the gas tank skid. It was near impossible to get it out, but with some ingenuity, the tank was liberated, but as you can see in the progression of the pictures, I removed the heater setup as I alsmost threw the gas tank down the driveway at one point.
I cleaned all that up and then removed all the remaining pieces in the front tub section and then I was able to lift it off. It came off reluctantly, but now I can see what I am working with. I hate to say it, but all the body mounts either need to be replaced, or adressed with new top hole openings as they are all worn down more than I would have liked. All but one probably need some replacing, minus the 2 higher ones that are parts of the mid-rear cross member, those appear to be thick enough.
I finished up the day removing the driveshafts as there was a strange noise coming from them when I would drive at certain mph's. My guess is that the shaft needs to be balanced and new u-joints won't hurt anything. The oddest thing though was that 8 out of the 12 u-joint strap bolts were hex and 4 were inverted torx. Needless to say, that threw me for a loop and it took considerable longer to get those buggers out.

cb (11.24.14)
(11.25.14) I dropped the driveshafts off this morning at the driveline shop to get new u-joints and to get balanced. I then spent 2 hours on the Internet ordering parts and getting the website updated. I think it had original u-joints in it, so I figured they can swap joints and balance it for me and make me feel slightly better and hopefully get rid of the slight vibration I felt in 3rd and 4th gears when driving, howver, with the way the body and frame mounts were, I am thinking that noise could have come from anywhere at this point.

I am off this week, so that is the good news. The bad news is I got the rear cross member ready to be installed and 3 of the 4 captured nuts for the rear shackles were no longer viable. I then proceeded to cut and remove the rotted body mounts for the relocation only to notice a soft spot in the frame... so now it looks like the motor and axles are coming off so I can flip the frame and repair it right. It is the right thing to do, but I wasn't planning a full frame up as there is no money to be made if I decided to sell it.

Also, I put the body up on its side and the front toe board body mount locations are rotted where the body bolts go and the rear as well.  So, more work on the tub... top was beautiful, underside a bit of work. I plan on yanking the engine this afternoon before the blizzard. It is supposed to snow quite a bit.

cb (11.25.14)
(11.26.14) I am on my way to pick up the driveshafts that I dropped off yesterday morning. I also ordered up some more parts that I will need when this all goes back together. I have most of the stuff off the frame, another couple hours and I will have it able to put the body on to measure for the new body mounts as well as getting the rear frame member in place. Time is ticking away but we are making good progress.

I was able to get the engine out and all the fuel and brake lines off the frame. All the little parts and clips came off and finally the front shock towers. Looking closer at the axles, I have to remove the lower mounts for the shocks so I can run them off the u-bolt mounts.

cb (11.26.14)
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