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Project "Leftie" - part #5
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(06.03.14) I have been chipping away on the "to do" list on the UK Jeep.
I picked up a new hood and it all went together nicely with the new 15x7 white restored rims with the black stripe. It is getting there, need to fix the floor, but it is shelved for the minute to get the Orange one up to snuff for inspection... it never ends!

cb (06.03.14)
(11.05.14) I haven't updated the UK Jeep thread too much this summer as I was mostly using it! It was a great summer of being able to roll around in the Jeep and get a lot of strange looks and thumbs up, but now the time is coming to do what needs to be done... winter, the perfect time for a tub swap!

In the middle of July I ventured South to Virginia to pick up the tub and stopped along the way at JerseyJeeps in NJ. It was a quick trip, but I was able to get a tub that is in very, very nice shape. It is a YJ tub, so there is a little bit of modification that is needed, but all in all, it will work out nicely. I hope to move the project into position in the next couple of weekends (weather permitting) and start the tear down, it will be a fun project and in the end, we should have a very nice looking Jeep to play with (somewhat less rattles too!)

cb (11.05.14)
(11.05.14) I was able to get the Scrambler moved over to the other garage and move the UK projet into the workshop. I haven't had much time, but I have been able to get some parts off the tub and clean it up a bit. More work is expected to be done next weekend, it should be a somewhat quick process once it starts going... I HOPE!

cb (11.05.14)
(11.13.14) I have accomplished quite a bit this week in the evenings. I was able to powerwash the Jeep tub and it came out pretty nice. This was on the last warm day we had here before everything turned very cold. I got the interior stripped out of the RHD Jeep as well... for the most part. Seatbelts proved interested in that there was a NO PARKING sign (which I thought was linoleum covering the bottom bolt. That took some work to get to it. I also had a PITA time with the driver seat and the emergency brake cabling as well as one of the bolts that had been sucked up into the body channel. It wasn't fun.

I found $.35, so that was the highlight, that might buy me 1/2 cup of coffee ;) I found some random metal under the seat bracket and I found 2 of the same kind of seat belts on the floor. I also found that Orange thing in the "repair" of the tub and I am not sure what it is. All in all, the White tub and nutmeg is growing on me, but I have commited to the original Sherwood Green and the Decals and try to keep this as stock as possible.

cb (11.13.14)
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