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Project "Leftie" - part #3
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(09.21.13) I had started to do some bodywork and realized that the tub really will need to be replaced in the coming years, so I figured that putting some panels on it to help stiffen it up a bit would do the trick until we get to that point. Normally this would be easy, but with the original wiring not being in the same place because of the offset steering column, the wiring wasn't the same as the US based one, and with the addition of a painless kit, they reversed it and hard wired evertying, so I ended up having to cut the wires to get the lights off and the panels on and now I will have to rewire evertyhing to allow for it to pass through.
I also have been working on (and waiting for) parts to come in so I can complete the sway bar bushing upgrade, the shocks to be repalced as well as the end link bushings. I have already replaced the front stabilizer shock, which was empty of fluid and doing nothihg.
I have one panel in place, have the wiring, and will do more on that today. I hope to have the panels in place, then taken off and at least one coat of paint on the inside and then will do the outside of them tomorrow so we can start the reassembly process at some point this week. I would like to get this mobile so I can get it back on the road (once the floor is fixed) and get a sticker for it finally. It has taken much longer to do this with all the kids parties and the lift installation and garage move around that I have been up to.

cb (09.21.13)
(09.22.13) I have been trying to get the sides in place and get it all straighted out so I will have some strength on the sides again. I have said before the body needs to be replaced, but I won't have time to do that now, so I am trying to stiffen it up and save it a bit longer. I got the 2 panels on, the rear tire carrier swings freely now and the lights are being addressed. The openings were too small to pass new connectors through. Reverse didn't work when I got this and the wiring in the back is all hacked together from a ton of splices and the new painless harness being installed. I will rip it all out and re-do it, and the trailer wiring kit I got should do the trick... and allow the light assemblies to be unplugged now instead of having to be cut again.

It took a bunch more time to drill all the holes for the carrier and get everything lined up. It is much easier to mock it all into place and then blow it apart for paint then it is to fix it later. I have learned that lesson one too many times. So, all in all things are coming along. Today I will work on the shocks and the sway bar parts that I finally received. Once that is all done, I will blow it apart for paint and do the wiring. It is raining today, and it is my wedding anniversary, so I don't have enough time to get it all done.

cb (09.22.13)
(09.27.13) I finally finished up the shocks and poly bushing swap out in the front end of the rig. It took some time as I am trying to work on the lift for the other garage at the same time. Also, we had some tractor issues and have some personal family issues going on with some surgery for our little one. We take it one day at a time and soon we will have all this stuff wrapped up.

cb (09.27.13)
(10.03.13) I have been working diligently on getting the rear corners on, test fit, primered to match the rest of the Jeep and start the wiring. I had an old trailer wiring harness and reused that in place of the hacked up wiring that was there. This will allow for the lights to be taken off now without having to cut them as they will have quick weather disconnects. The Jeep is far from original, so this just make sense to do to ensure the safety aspect of things.

As you can see, the reverse lights lit up as well as the parking lights and the flashers. Blinkers work as well as the brake lights, so I am happy, I just have to button up the wiring on the other side and then get it all locked down. After that, I can get back to fixing the floor and then I will be in good shape to get a sticker.

cb (10.03.13)
(10.21.13) There were 2 main rust issues on the Jeep that needed immediate attention. The first was the rear wheel well and the second was the driver side floor. I haven't had much time lately in getting preparatios done for fall and winter around here, but over this past weekend, I took out the cutting tools and got a bit done. I was able to see that this tub definitely needs to be replaced in the future. There is just too many issues to save it, however, I will try to limp it along for a bit.

I have a patch done for the wheel well, but will need to make a foot plate for the bar, as that was long gone. The front floor came out ok, not all the way done yet as I don't have any more cutting discs, but I was able to get all the slag metal off the rockers, so that is pretty clean to accept the new floor. Hey, it can't be any worse than the floor on the other side, which is just a piece of metal caulked in place.

cb (10.21.13)
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