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Project "Leftie" - part #9
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(11.29.14) The last few days have been memorable to say the least. It really does prove to me that family is the most important above all else and when you make plans and have "everything figured out", something, if not multiple things will go wrong... very wrong! We got nailed with a Thanksgiving Wet Heavy Snow Storm and the power went out on Wednesday night. We got it back on Saturday afternoon. It was only 2.5 days, but in those 2.5 days, I knew exactly what I was going to be doing on the Jeep and the house and in the end, we were scrambling to run a generator to cook a turkey but couldn't do anything else because the oven only really could be on when the generator was running.
Anyway, it was nothing we could complain about, a lot of people were in far less desirable conditions than we were. I had gotten a lot of stuff done on Wednesday and the weather allowed for me to do some reading, hang out with the kids, go out in the snow and do a lot of running back and forth to get wood to keep warm and try to keep the food from spoiling in the refrigerator. We haven't had a power outage of more than a few hours in probably 3 years... we had a couple day one when the little one was born, but it has been a while. The kids didn't understand why something worked and some things didn't when the generator was on. It was a good learning opporutnity.
Speaking of learning opportunities. I was presented with one when I was underneath the Jeep trying to attach the body to the frame. If you order a CJ kit, you will have CJ bolts. Although the spacers fit in the holes nicely, you won't have what you need to attach it and figure out where the body mounts go. So, scratch that plan and when the power is out and you only have hand tools, you can't get a lot done, especially when the temperature is 15 degrees and you have to run the shop with the garage door open to not get carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator... it was comical ;)

cb (11.29.14)
(12.05.14) Today I realized that there is a lot of work to do on this Jeep! It isn't that that I didn’t know that before, it just hit for some reason this morning when I was trying to catch up with all the stuff that I had done and all the stuff I had ordered and seeing what has come in and what hasn't.

I have spent about 9 hours this past week doing a lot of little things and receiving the new packages and parts to get ready, but some of the parts and pieces that I need have not come in yet. That is always the way I suppose.
So, what was done in the last 9 hours?

1) Body mounts cut down more and fit and the hardware was put in place
2) Rear was cut for the gas tank opening on the right or “correct” side
      - I kept the old piece to put on the other side to fill in.
3) Fenders were put on in anticipation of cutting fender flares and the front light holes
4) Hood was put on to make sure the fenders line up as was the front grille
5) Fender flares were fit on the front and cleaned
6) Mocked up trim piece on the sides – was waiting for new hardware
7) Old front fenders were cut down and prepared for transference onto new fenders
8) Front lights were put in place
      - I kept the old fenders and cut them to transfer the pattern.
9) Windshield hinges were cleaned and de-rusted on the back and windshield was put in place for fitment
10) Found the dash panel and that will be stripped down so we can fit that in place and cut and weld the heater stuff.

cb (12.05.14)
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