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Project "Leftie" - part #7
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(11.17.14) When you see structural parts start to fall on the ground, especially the ones that are supposed to be holding the body on, you know you are in for some good times ahead in the teardown.

It was definitely a "use every tool in the toolbox kind of day. Nothing came out easy and there was a lot of saw-zalling, cutting, banging and BFI (Brute/Force/Ignorance) going on.
I was able to get the rear bumperettes off, the seat belt came out, but not the way I wanted it to, teh rear section of the Jeep is finally off, and there is a lot of rusty scrap metal that needs to make its way to the recycler this week. I have sold a few things as well, so things are looking decent on this project, except for the rest of the teardown. Rusty metal is no fun!

cb (11.17.14)
(11.17.14) I just got back from picking up 2 new fenders and a driver side (LHD) or passenger side (RHD) seat base. It was pouring rain and freezing, but I am home, the parts are drying in the garage and we are another step closer to having what we need.

I was able to liberate the seat belt from the rusty metal confines. I then moved onto getting the bumper off as well as some of the grille parts off. Fender parts are next and then moving onto running this one more time before I ge the fenders off and work on getting the dash off and cutting out the rest of the rust. I hope to be in good shape right before the Thanksgiving Day feast. This needs a ton of work, but it will look great when it is done.

cb (11.17.14)
(11.20.14) I have never been accused of taking too few pictures. The tear down continues. Another 4 hours and we have more metal cut out and the fenders are finally off. The rust has been a challenge and I am cleaning up as we go so I don't have very large trips to the dump/recycler. All in all I am please with the progress.

It is hard to tell, but I swept up all the rust that fell off the Jeep and it is about 3 inches deep in that trash can!! I was able to cut off the rear valence portion and keep the tailgate supports, so that is wht those 2 small box pictures are of. I then broke my cardinal rule about cleaning up after you are done. I got done late and left everything on the bench. I try NEVER to do this as it will just pile up, you will lose things most definitely and guaranteed to break something and usually that item can't be replaced.

cb (11.20.14)
(11.22.14) I worked Friday night and Saturday morning on the rust pile and got the rest of the metal cut down and removed so I don't have a lot of that in the garage where I trip over it. The body mounts that I had hoped were in OK shape were so-so... one is OK, the other one has a lot of wear on it and will be replaced. I then removed the dash and got the truck packed up so I could head to the dump and recycler on Saturday morning.
I got back after running around Saturday morning and proceeded to drop the gas tank, fill up my wifes car with the spoils of that and then check out the frame rails. For as bad as the body was, the frame rails are in pretty incredible shape. I then got all the flammable stuff outside and proceedd to bag and tag the entire work bench so it was nice and cleaned off. I have to put some stuff up for sale now, like the steering column and the steering wheel and other parts that will be replaced with newer stuff. I plan on running a tilt and a CJ wheel, this one is a YJ wheel. The new cross member showed up as well and looks to be in good shape for matching exactly, that will probably be cut off and welded on next week.

cb (11.22.14)
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