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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #17
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(07/13/07) It has been 4 months since I have updated the FJ section, man does time fly. I can't believe how much stuff goes on that you can't get back to doing what you want to do. The good news is though that I am very far along on the house projects, so that means that it is coming close to being able to work on the Jeeps!
It doesn't mean that I have forgotten about our friend, project FJ. Basically I check out a bunch of sites everyday to see if there are any parts available for CJ's. If I find them and it is a good deal, I snatch them up and keep them around. Sometimes I sell them; sometimes I keep them for future projects. It really depends on what the stuff is and what the quality is.

I like the stuff I get in parts lots or old abandoned projects, because a lot of times people buy up a ton of stuff and then have to sell if for next to nothing. It is the lazy man way, rip it apart thinking that it is going to be easy to put back together and then it just sits cause you lose interest and you have moved onto something else. That is when I come in and snatch it up!
I scored pretty well for this haul. I am going to sell the hood, the auto column, and finally the roll bar. The parts that I will keep are the tailgate, the fender flares, mirrors, tailgate hinges, full dash, full hard doors, extra speedo, dash pad, bikini top, door latches, and finally a ton of little miscellaneous parts that came with it.
The doors are in great shape. Better then most I come across. There is a little repair that needs to be done, but all in all they are pretty good for a set of New England doors. The dash pad is in good shape as well. The dash has all the gauges and stuff, which is nice as well.
Lastly I was able to get my hand on 3 dashes in a cheap deal. They aren't the greatest, but one is good and the others can be used for patch parts or if someone needs one, they are available.

On a side note, I just don't get why people hack up the dashes so bad. These are pretty bad for where they tried to put a DIN style radio in there. Just don't get it... Take your time, measure twice, cut once and then file it down, clean it up and add a little paint to protect the exposed metal. How hard is that?

cb (07/13/07)
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