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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #33
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(12/09/07) I responded to an ad for a T-18 transmission in the CraigsList want ads for $50. Needless to say I wasn’t too hopeful that it would be in good shape. So, I took a trip to Peterborough, NH to see the guy and much to my surprise, it was a T-18, out of a 78 or so F250, 2WD model and still even had the shifter. I picked it up, bastard was heavy too at like 150 lbs. and then I was on my way, $50 lighter.
I got home, unloaded my cargo, and did a little work in the basement and then went back out in the freezing weather to cut down the cowl strip that I needed. It came apart in good shape, so now I can cut the cowl and weld it in, right after I put the last body mount on… so much I can do, I just need more time.
(12/10/07) A couple more hours in the garage and I was able to get the last body mount into position and weld that on and then I turned my attention to the cowl. I was able to cut it out and trim everything up so it all seems to be lining up, but not wanting to rush it and mess something up, I called it a day, a weekend for that matter and I moved onto watching the Jets game.
(12/11/07) After plowing 2 times and doing a whole lot of shoveling, I was able to get out to the garage to do a little fitting and final trimming and clean up on the defroster.

A quick coat of rust proof paint on the underside and I am ready to weld it in place. It was late, it was cold, and I was hungry, so I let it dry and tonight I will get out there and weld it in place. Once that is in place, I will probably tackle the heater setup, as I have to do a lot of fitting, swapping of parts and getting everything in place in the rig. It should all fit, I just want to be sure. After that, not quite sure, probably some more work in getting the body ready, like the windshield in place with the Scrambler top?
(12/12/07) I had 1 hour to go outside last night and do some work. I was able to take the defroster piece that I had cut, ground down to fit, sanded and painted and c-clamp it into place with the dash in place as well with screws. I then tacked it in place with a couple tacks and then removed the dash altogether once I knew it was secure. I added a bunch more tacks alternating sides to distribute the heat and then finally with a few minutes before I had to go in, I tried out the new die grinder and it looked pretty good.

cb (12/12/07)
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