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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #68
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(03/09/09) I wasn't planning on yanking the motor, but I was able to break it down rather quickly and in turn, was able to pull it apart and eventually get the motor out.
It didn't really want to break free, but I was able to move it around so I could get it in a position where it really did come apart pretty easily. You just have to be at the right angle. I do however think I bent the shifter plate that goes on the tub by jacking the motor up a little to high... not a big deal, just have to check that in the morning... once it was out, I went grocery shopping with my wife and came home, ate, and it was time to watch Family Guy...

cb (03/09/09)
(03/14/09) It is tough waiting for the machine work to get done. I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the Jeep this week... good thing I have been away for a bit, so that didn't end up hurting the timeline. I got the engine on the engine stand, I removed the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel, I got the water pump off, the oil is drained, the valve cover is off and I am cleaning up all the gasket pieces along the way. I will break it all down today... hopefully.

cb (03/14/09)
(03/14/09) It was a quick teardown, I was happy. Everything looks OK to me except for the piston tops on some of the cylinders, I will post this up and see what others think. Not too much else to report, I just got the motor all apart... I am awaiting the block to come back so I can slap this together and get it all back in the Jeep!

cb (03/14/09)
(03/21/09) It has been a few days, but the engine is back from the machine shop, I have gaskets and various assembly lubes and hopefully this weekend I will be able to get the block back together and get it in the Jeep this week. We will see, no promises! I am very happy with the turn around time, the work done and the deal that we worked out... he was going to do everything for free AND throw in the gasket set... I told him that it was very generous, but the gaskets I couldn't have him do, so I paid for them... very nice guys!

cb (03/21/09)
(03/22/09) I tried to take a bunch of pictures, but as you can see, I missed a few of them in the beginning. In the first picture, the crankshaft and camshaft are already in and socked down. Then you move to all the pistons being in. I know I covered this a few pages earlier on how the build up goes, but I had planned to take more pictures, but on the other hand, I want to get this thing done and built so I can stab it back in the frame rails.

I spent about 5 hours on it since I got it back and I think I am in good shape. I plan on putting in another 5 or so today and hopefully it will be between the frame rails. We can always hope!

cb (03/22/09)
(03/23/09) I have the motor sitting in what is hopefully its FINAL resting place. As you can see from the pictures, I got the balancer on, then the valve cover (after priming the oil pump), one of the pushrods wasn't filling with oil, so I had to take it apart and blow it out... a tiny piece of grit was in there... so then I cleaned out all of them... hey, you better do it now instead of later. I then moved onto the flywheel and clutch getting ready to stab it in when I heard a SNAP. That was a serious pucker moment. One of the clutch pressure plate bolts snapped off in the flywheel at 30 ft./lbs. of torque.

From all I read, it was supposed to be 35-40 so I guess I had a weak bolt. So, over the course of about an hour I slowly drilled out the bolt, getting larger and larger each time and eventually easy outed it. It was not a lot of fun, but it is all set now. I then got the clutch on, put the engine in place and got the bell housing and motor mounts secured. I did a few other little things and then cleaned up all the bit parts in the garage. I am EXHAUSTED! Lots of work in the past couple days, but all in place now. I have a few more hours getting all the other stuff hooked up, but I hope to fire it up by the weekend.

cb (03/23/09)
(03/24/09) I am moving along on the re-installation of all the components. The one thing that is somewhat slowing me down is all the gasket removal. Basically everything I put on there, I put on there to stay forever, so there was a lot of Blue RTV and other stuff... now, I have to take it all off.

So, after cleaning up the exhaust manifold, that went back on, the exhaust was hooked up, the inspection plate, the clutch slave cylinder and other underside goodies were all put back in their places and then I moved onto the other side where I put on the starter, spreader bar and finally finished up with putting on some of the front pieces, such as the water pump and the outlet housing and some hoses to make sure they all lined back up.

Tonight I will put the intake on and start on the rest of the front of the motor, belts, hoses, fan blade, stuff like that... I hope to get to the point where I can put the passenger fender on to run the wiring so I can start thinking about turning this thing over.

cb (03/24/09)
(03/25/09) I didn't have a whole lot of time last night. I had just enough to get the heater hose attached, put the alternator on with the bracket, threw the intake on and started to hook up a few things and then clean up the garage a bit after taking off the front bumper... I have a new one on the way.

cb (03/25/09)
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