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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #31
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(11/19/07) I have been busy around the house doing stuff and there has been company around, but I was able to sneak out for a few hours here and there. I will put up all the pictures in the next few days. I have been collecting shots but haven't had the time to write everything up. I have a couple days off during the break and I hope to get to it then.
(11/20/07) I was able to patch up the hole in the driver side where the YJ fuel filler is. This is pretty standard stuff. I cut the plate I wanted to put in the hole. I trimmed it up, I then "taped it" in place. The reason I taped it is because I couldn't find my magnets. Either way, get something to hold it in place and then with the welder on the right heat setting (18 gauge steel) I tacked it into place. Space out the welds and let it cool. If you do it too fast or grind too hard or too much in one spot, it will warp the metal.
Once all the tacks are in place and the heads ground off, I was able to see that it was all sealed up and then I hit it with a shot of primer just to protect it from surface rusting. With that done, I moved onto cutting the defroster vent I had lying around. It didn't take me long to see that I was a little short.
The good news is that I was going to buy a wrecked Jeep body, so I knew that there was more material coming in to help fix up the shortcomings of the defroster patch panel. With that knowledge, I moved onto the body mount situation. Basically they all need to be replaced, however, I wanted to make sure that they ones that are also being relocated line up and looked good.
Here is the problem with conversions. You have to buy some parts for the YJ body, but at the same time you are putting these on a CJ frame. The body mounts that I bought for the CJ frame were a little too small (hole opening) for the Daystar bodylift kit. So I had to ream out the holes a bit to fit the YJ body mounts, because I need the bolts for the YJ body. Confused yet? I sure am.
I spent my time fitting and trimming and grinding and drilling to get the body mounts looking good and then I went down to get the wrecked body. I had been talking on and off with this guy for a while. I got some other parts from him a while back but now they were looking to remove the whole body from their yard. I took everything and for a 20 minute ride and a few bucks I was on my way home to cut up this body and take the parts I needed.
I was able to get the rear lights, the cowl, CJ heater setup, some pedal assemblies, filler neck, and more parts from the rear for yet another tailgate conversion and finally some odds and ends that they had from the tear down. Things like mirrors, strut rods for the tub to grille, battery tray, and finally some other odds and ends. I stuck the VIN up here because I had never seen that other tag. Not sure what it is, but I thought I would stick it up here. I figure it must be trim codes of some sort?
Finally I took some shots of the heater assemblies. The one on top is the YJ, a 1995 model and the bottom one is out of the 1985 CJ-7. I now have what I need to get a heater functioning in there.

cb (11/20/07)
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