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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #46
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(02/18/08) 4 hours down, transfer case is done, and I still have a WHOLE lot of time to go. I am into this project for 280 hours so far. That is approximately 7 workweeks if you work 40 hours a week. I probably have at least that much to go. So, just a word of advice, you are in this for the long haul if you decide to do something like this.
As I left the garage the other night, I had an uneasy feeling mainly because one shift rail was very easy to shift and the other one was not so easy. This made me wonder about something I had read about the stiffness and length of the springs, which hold the ball bearings against the shift rails.

Basically, I took everything apart again and measured the springs. As you can see, they were different sizes. So, I cleaned the old ones up and reused them as the compression of them was still good and they definitely needed to be longer.
The intermediate shaft was tackled next and getting all the bearings to line up inside took some doing, so with a lot of Vaseline, the new hardened Novak shaft was installed.

With the intermediate shaft out of the way, I moved onto finishing up the case. I got the lock in place to prevent the shaft from slipping out and finally I was able to get the lower cover on and then stick the shifter back on and finally put a new vent tube in place. I should have done this earlier, but with some patience and some Vaseline, you can get all the shavings out. I placed the transfer case on the pallet next to the T-18 that was previously rebuild and now I am ready for installation... right after I get the engine back from machining and put that back together!

cb (02/18/08)
(02/21/08) The day was good. I went to the engine rebuilders and was able to pick up all the pieces. The block is done, the crank is done and the pistons are all ready to go back in. I was able to get the block mounted up on the stand and clean it up. I tried the new head on the block and that seemed to fit correctly.
The block, head and new water pump were prepped and a coat of paint was shot on them. One more coat will be put on before the build continues. I hope to get to that at lunchtime today. I have one question on the pushrods as well as the new ones are a tad longer, but all in all, I am moving in the right direction.
A second coat of paint, a whole lot of measurements and now I am just waiting to start to put it all back together. Maybe a little bit tonight! I just need to find out if these pushrods will work. According to the TSM it will, I just don't want them to be too long and end up bending them.

cb (02/21/08)
(02/22/08) Since this is my first time building an engine, naturally it is going to take me a little longer to put it together. I mean, on those Spike shows, they do it in 1/2 hour, why can't I? Anyway, I was able to get the bearings in, lube them up, drop in the crank, tighten it down, move onto the top and got two pistons in before my 2 hours were up and my Chinese food arrived. I will try to finish up some more tonight.

cb (02/22/08)
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