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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #66
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(02/08/09) I DROVE it finally!!! I finished up the wiring for the stereo to the center console and then I was able to put the seats in. My wife came out and lent a "foot" and we were able to bleed the brakes, and with that, I had a Jeep that could possibly be driven.
I put it in reverse; let out the clutch slowly and ... NOTHING. Yup, after a few frantic seconds, I realized the transfer case was not in gear and guess what, the transfer case shifter was not installed... well, it was time for lunch and I would figure it out later. With the stick in place and me now in 2H, I backed her out of the garage and into the driveway and then snapped a few pictures. It was great. Brakes seem to be good, the shifting of the T18 is a little tight with the rebuild, but it is all-good.
I snapped a picture of the underside of the Jeep, as someone wanted to know how low the 21-gallon tank hangs down with the 4" lift. It looks pretty good to me. I finished up the day with the stereo install and then the shifter plate after I got the shifters all squared away. All in all, it was a great day... I even made $$$$ as I sold the Wrangler YJ Family Cage. Can't get better then that. I even had enough money to go buy some pizza for the wife and me. Now that is what I call a good day!

cb (02/08/09)
(02/09/09) It is amazing how the days go by and what seems like a lot of work getting done really isn't that much. I can't complain, because I did get a bunch done, but I try to keep my hopes up that I will always get more done. I started out by realizing that visors are adjustable and can fit any windshield if you pull them out... you learn something new every day. After that, I put together the hood lift kit and installed that. It came out great. As you can see from the pictures, I had to move the Jeep over to the other garage to pull out the roll cage, roll bar, and Scrambler 1/2 top. I spent the rest of the day sanding and cleaning the roll cage and going mano a mano on the rear glass. I have a replacement rear slider for the 1/2 top, I just had to get the old one out and that old rubber didn't want to give up the ghost.

cb (02/09/09)
(02/13/09) I have been sanding and painting... that is about it. It takes time to paint and dry unfortunately. So, I got the cage painted and installed and stared in on the 1/2 top. That thing was a mess and it took 3 coats of paint as the fiberglass really soaked it in. Things are looking good for me to put the seatbelts in and get the top on (minus the rear window for now). After that, the roll bar goes under the bodywork knife and gets cleaned up, painted and installed. After that, look for the doors. I have Monday off, so I hope to get a bunch done this weekend and the holiday day.

cb (02/13/09)
(02/15/09) I spent the last 2 days really working on sanding and painting. I switched between the blast cabinet and the sander to get the roll bar as well as the wiper motor parts cleaned up and ready for paint. A few coats later and they are looking good and hopefully ready to be installed this morning.
I put the 1/2 cab on Friday night and that looks really good, have to still get the rear slider/glass in, but for now, it is on and out of the way, the paint job really came out nice. I also installed the seat belts, so that is all squared away.

The roll bar had 5 different layers of paint on it, so that took some time in cleaning it up, but it is finally done. We kicked off early to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day... my present was a new piece of jewelery for the garage... with bulled and all in the center of the sign... very cool!

cb (02/15/09)
(02/16/09) I got the roll bar all done and put in place yesterday, followed that up with getting the wipers working and then moved onto prepping the hard doors for paint. All in all, a productive day. I also sold some parts, so I am hoping to make enough money to buy a rear swing-out bumper so I can put the 33" spare I have as well as the hi-lift jack on there and call it a day... lots more to do, have to get the doors done and mounted, as well as the side mirrors attached, but each day brings it that much closer.

cb (02/16/09)
(02/18/09) I made some progress last night. Truth be told, I have never used hard doors on any Jeep that I had... minus the 76 CJ7, but I never took them apart and put them back together. With these doors, they are all cleaned up, blasted, and painted, but now I have to put the guts back in. After I put on the bumper, fixed up the mirror mounts and got them mounted, I moved onto the door strikers, the passenger side door, and finally the handle and locking mechanism. They are on and mounted, now I have to do the glass and associated stuff. I plan on putting the driver side door on as well, so that will help to clear up some of the room in the garage. Still lots to do, but it is getting closer.

cb (02/18/09)
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