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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #35
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(12/27/07) With all the snow we have been having, I haven't been able to work on the Jeep, only the tractor. I do realize it is much more important then the Jeep, but I wish I could have a little time with the Jeep.

I started out today with the intention of putting on the rear brakes. I quickly filled up the front and rear differentials with some gear oil (I had forgot to do this when I put the axles back together) and then moved onto jacking up the Jeep and starting in on the driver side brakes. A lot of the reused parts needed to be painted, so it is going to take another couple of days to get through it.
I sandblasted the emergency brake arm, the 2 rods for the wheel cylinder and finally since I was in the blast cabinet already, I was able to sandblast the front shock towers as well. I had been meaning to do that for a while, and tonight was the night. I also have to find some nuts for them as well, but at least now I could maybe put some shocks on the rolling chassis.
I finished up the night by laying everything out that I was going to need to put the rear brakes back together and lastly installed the emergency brake cable into the backing plate. The wheel cylinder is also in place and ready to go once the parts are dried.

By doing all the brake work, I will be able to claim my workbench back. It had been filling up with old parts and other various items, so doing this and taking a trip to the dump; I should be in good shape.

cb (12/27/07)
(12/28/07) I worked on the Jeep for a few hours last night and was able to button up a few things. I was able to get the driver's side rear drum brakes installed and then was able to tear into the passenger side as well in order to paint up the pieces I would need to put it all back together. A quick clean with some brake cleaner to remove the grease, a little sandblasting and finally some paint. It is now looking good enough to put back together.
I was also able to get the front shock towers mounted and put the shocks in place. This wasn't really necessary, but I wanted to make sure everything fit and looked good. It is all set now and hopefully today I will be able to finish up the brakes and shocks both front and rear and then be able to move onto bigger and better things.

cb (12/28/07)
(12/29/07) I worked on the Jeep for 2 more hours tonight. I finally finished up the rear brakes on the passenger side and moved onto working on the rear shocks. I wanted to throw a picture up there of the emergency brake lever mechanism on there. I wanted to show that you need to crimp the ends together to form a "lock" that won't slip off and cause any damage.
Once the rear shocks were done, I moved towards cleaning up the sway bar and getting the tons and tons of undercoating off of it. Once that was off, I hit it with the angle grinder and the wire wheel... that thing works great. I finished it off by cleaning it down with brake cleaner and then hitting it with an alcohol wipe before primering it. Tomorrow, black paint and by Monday maybe installation. This is where it just takes time.

cb (12/29/07)
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