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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #47
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(02/23/08) I had a few hours out in the garage to continue working on the engine. There have been a few developments since last time. First off, I found out that I don't have an oil slinger for the motor and I have to order one of those up. Second, I don't have the correct rockers, so I also have to order that up. Third, the exhaust manifold is broken. Not a big deal, but I also need one of those and I might as well get one with the O2 sensor in it as this Jeep is going to be fuel injected and that will just aid in that whole process.
As you can see in the pictures, I got all the pistons in place, I was able to stab in the camshaft and finally I was able to put the timing set in place. I finished it up by putting the oil pump in place. I packed the oil pump full of Vaseline as told to me by several engine builders to help in the aid of priming the engine when it comes time to do that.

Everything went pretty smoothly. I am basically at a point where I can do a few things, but in order to finish up the installation, I have to get the oil slinger so I can put the timing cover on and then finally the oil pan and then drop in the lifers, etc. etc.
Notice that I have some very dirty cleaning fluid. This was just from the washer and the nut you see in the picture. I know, I know, that was actually in the engine when I ripped it down, but you really have to clean all parts when they go back into the engine. You want to clean each and every part. Just keep that as a reminder.

I finished up the evening by painting the top of the dipstick so that will match the rest of the engine. I can do a few things today, but mainly I have to wait until the rest of the stuff comes in to finish this up. Ahhhh, the joys of free engines and not knowing what is inside them.

cb (02/23/08)
(02/24/08) I was able to get out to the shop for a few hours and basically did a TON of cleanup. I was able to put in some seals and prep a lot of the Jeep for when I get the oil slinger that was missing from the original motor. Everything is hinging on that piece unfortunately. I am not going to do very much until I get that piece which hopefully will be this week.

The pulleys are cleaned and painted, I didn't think anyone wanted to see the painful cleaning steps. I have shown too many of those pictures. I got the bell housing back from welding up the small hole that was in there, so I put the new pieces in there. I also need a throwout bearing as the other one was also no good. I finished it up by cleaning bolts and checking the fit of the oil pan now that it was all clean and the bolt holes have been hammered back to original shape. We then went to a bonfire... fun night... slow morning!

cb (02/24/08)
(02/28/08) I had to travel for work, so I have been gone for a few days and I wasn't able to accomplish much except for spending a lot of money on Jeep parts. Not a good thing to have magazines, an Internet connections and time on your hands...

I tried on Monday night to put the damper on after I received the oil slinger... bad move on my part. Nothing worked, I got frustrated, and finally, I realized that the rubber part of the damper was so far gone, I needed a new one. So, that was the first money I sent out.
Next, I happened to be reading an article on the forum about piston rod caps being stamped with numbers. I didn't see them when I put it together, so I looked harder. They were there, I missed them, and I had to move some pistons around. That sucked.

The clutch came in, the pistons were moved around and the oil pan went on and now I am ready to have the flywheel resurfaced, and finally put the top end of the motor. Two things to note here. First, I couldn't find rockers at like 10 places. I ordered some up before and they came in, but they were for 83+. Make sure you have all the parts, or you will stall. Second, speaking of parts, make sure you press, "confirm order" when placing orders. I spent all this time gathering up parts only to have the order not go through... that also sucked. I rectified the situation and now they are on the way.

cb (02/28/08)
(03/01/08) I was able to stick the lifters in last night along with trying out the new head that I purchased since the other one was bad. Before I cranked the bolts down to the correct torque, I tried on the new valve cover. Good thing I did as the new one needed some drilling and tapping. The directions said that you might need to do this, but I wasn't sure if I had to.

From the pictures, you can see that the holes that needed to be done are on the front and back of the head. If you had the engine in the Jeep, I am not sure how that would have worked, but none the less, the holes are drilled and tapped, I didn't go too deep on it to hit the water jacket and finally the snow was coming, so I stuck the truck in the garage and called it a night. I am headed out now to shovel and snow blow and when I am done, I hope to construct a tub dolly to take the tub off and eventually get the engine in place to cut up the skid plate for the new T-18 transmission. It is aggressive I know, but I hope to see some sort of progress by tomorrow evening.

cb (03/01/08)
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