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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #22
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(09/17/07) I put in 3 more hours, I am still sick, I am tired, but I wanted to get the garage arranged up, get the top on the Jeep so I can drive it down to CT for the wedding and finally the good news is, the front axle is almost fully attached... just waiting on some paint to dry.
I used the engine hoist to hold up the front end of the frame to attach the u-bolts to the leaf springs. The last spring plate was drying, so the driver's side was not attached yet. I will get to that tomorrow. I also blasted and painted the rear spring hangers so we won't have to wait for paint to dry when I get to that.
I know people are probably getting tired of seeing parts hanging around, but it just goes to show what all needs to be cleaned up if you want to do everything right. Also, the picture of the saw... best thing I have bought in a while. It is like using a scalpel to cut stuff. It gets into tight places and wasn't that much money to purchase. I highly recommend it.

The last picture is of the older sibling and the newer one. They both fit in there OK. Must build barn to get more room...

cb (09/17/07)
3 more days and counting until the wedding finally arrives...

I am feeling better finally after 2 weeks of whatever this funk was. I know I am getting better because I got out to the garage and worked on the Jeep and drank a couple beers. That way I know I am better!

The front end is all set now, I was able to attach the axle on both sides and even put one of the sway bar mounts on the frame. The other one is drying and I will put that on tonight if I get some time.

Hopefully I will be able to finish painting the rear axle and get that on stands to put back together. Once that is done, I will be able to finally get that thing in place to start work on the rear half of the frame and get the axle underneath it for a rolling chassis.

cb (09/19/07)
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