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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #56
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(05/20/08) We had to go down to CT this past weekend for a bunch of family stuff, but when we got back, I was able to get into the garage for a couple hours. There are some pictures here from the past week that I didn't and wasn't able to get up on the site.
Even though the progress appears to have slowed, it really hasn't that much. The new garage is coming along and in between I am getting other things taken care of. The doors and bulkhead went to the sandblaster and when they came home, I coated them with some primer and last evening I was able to fill in some holes on the bulkhead that had been drilled for some sort of tonneau cover on the rear of whatever Scrambler it was on before.
With all the sanding done, a first coat of paint was applied tot he backside of the bulkhead and then it was it for the night. Last weeks highlights include, the steering brace being fitted and put in place, the hard door parts coming in, just waiting on the panels and finally getting the hood in place and making sure it all looks like it is going to fit. The body plugs came in finally and it looks like they will work as well in the holes I had to drill to get the Rocker Knockers in place. Things continue to move along.

cb (05/20/08)
(05/27/08) Not a whole lot to report these days... Memorial Day Weekend was spent doing a ton of stuff around the house and very little with the Jeep. The garage is still making progress as well, there is 1 guy out there right now working on it, so hopefully he will be joined by a few others to start moving this project along. Trusses are supposed to be here next week, so they have to get it completed this week.

cb (05/27/08)
(06/02/08) I really haven't had a lot of time to get things done on the project. The garage is still being built and the contractors have a ton of stuff in my garage so I don't have any room to maneuver. I got a few things in and was able to put on the lights and do a little welding on the doors, but that is about it.
Before anyone freaks out, yes that is a little bit of bondo on the door and yes most of it will be sanded off... what I think happened was that the door was repainted with some weird paint that didn't flake off, but kept moisture between it and the door, so when I sandblasted it, there were a lot of little dimples and depressions (pitting) that I could have either welded and ground down, or just put a little filler in there... these are not show doors, so a little plastic it was. I plan on getting these sanded down and hopefully a little paint in the coming week. I have a ton of yard work to do, plus a wedding to go to; so there isn't a whole lot of time... good news is that the trusses are going to be here tomorrow! So the new garage should begin to take shape.

cb (06/02/08)
(07/14/08) It has been a LONG time since I was able to write anything up here. There has been a lot going on that has prevented me from working on the Jeep, mainly, the space and time to work on it. As indicated from previous posts, we are having an addition put onto the existing garage. This obviously is taking longer then we had expected. The garage construction is coming towards the end, so I decided to get moving on some little things to prepare for the new space.
I had ordered up a 21-gallon aftermarket fuel tank a while ago, and due to back orders and such, it never came in. Well, it finally showed up, I was able to snag a fuel filler neck; some new hoses and I put it all together, so now it can be dropped into the Jeep. NOTE: I had to order up a fuel sock filter for the end as this does NOT come with the kit. I also had to cut off about an inch of the part that goes into the tank as it was bottoming out. Not a big deal with a hacksaw, but something that had to be done. I also ordered up all the seals I will need for the windshield, once I take it apart, sandblast it and then paint it... yup, still lots more to go there. The tuffy console is also in, so that is good news as well.

cb (07/14/08)
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