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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #60
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(09/29/08) Things are going in the right direction; they are just taking longer to get there. I spent the weekend working on shelves for storage, taking down fall items and putting them away, taking down a tree (big one) and cleaning up from that, and we did all this in the pouring rain as we don't have any other time to do it.
I basically worked on the frame, finished it up with the painting and then started to reassemble the suspension. I have it now on all 4 wheels/tires and they are on rollers, so it is a lot easier to move it around and not have to worry about the garbage cans supporting the weight and such. All in all, it is headed in the right direction.
I have to still find and put on all the little things like the motor mounts, sway bar brackets, PS pump, stab in the engine, run the brake and fuel lines, etc. but that should be done when I have an hour here and an hour there.

cb (09/29/08)
(10/02/08) I got 3 more hours in on the FJ project and it is starting to resemble a rolling chassis. I don't have a lot of time with the wedding we have to attend as well as the winter yard prep, but all in all, I do what I can when I can.

The axles and engine/trans are pretty dirty from all the dust in the shop, I have to get to cleaning those once I take care of the list of items I have in order to finish up the roller. The engine is just sitting in place, it still has to be socked down for good.

cb (10/02/08)
(10/03/08) I finished up a lot of the plumbing last night as well as tightened down the motor in the motor mounts, mounted the frame spreader bar as well as getting the frame ready for the P/S box and finally got the motor detached from the engine hoist. There is still a lot to do with the fuel tank and hooking up lines, the exhaust going on and finally the hydraulic clutch and a few odds and ends on the motor, but after a few more hours, I hope to start working on the body.

cb (10/03/08)
(10/12/08) I have been piecing together an hour here and an hour there trying to gain some ground on the FJ project, but in reality, there is too much going on right now... leaves are falling, we are trying to get ready for winter and there have been a lot of personal events we have to attend.
I want to get out there today and get the exhaust on. As you can see in the pictures, the majority of things were drive shafts, fan, tons of bolts for the transfer case adapters, front steering, brake plumbing, power steering setup and finally wrapped it up with some engine work. All in all, progress is being made, it is just being made at a snails pace. I have a list on the whiteboard of what still needs to be done... mostly clutch, exhaust, and a lot of little details. Soon I can push this aside and start on the body.

cb (10/12/08)
(10/14/08) I dug up a lot of parts/pieces that needed to be put on the chassis before I start on the bodywork and before I place the body on the frame. Basically I put the emergency brake setup on the chassis and then moved onto finding the fuel filler, finished up the exhaust, and then searched around for the cotter pins for all the front end components (tie rod castle nuts, pitman arm, etc). After that was all done, I realized I didn't have enough clamps, fuel line and gear oil to do the rest of the stuff I wanted to do. I went to the store to get all that and now I am in good shape for tonight to work on it a bit more.

cb (10/14/08)
(10/15/08) I filled up all the fluids (gear oil, oil, etc), I got all the hoses and clamps in place and finally I was able to finish up a lot of little things. Things like the ground wire for the fuel sender, emergency brake cables out of the way, basically a lot of small stuff. I only need a couple small little parts to finish up the brakes and a couple odds and ends and then it is starting on the body. I plan on welding up all the holes first from the old YJ setup and then flipping it and starting on the bottom with cleaning and sealing that. After that, flip it back over and herculine the inside.

cb (10/15/08)
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