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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #51
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(03/23/08) I am still suffering from some sort of allergy/cold type thing, but I was able to get out for a few hours and finish up fitting the cab/tub/windshield/door combo and that all looks pretty good. I installed the frame spreader bar as well, and that went in without any major issues, although I think it may be backwards, but it doesn't really matter as the engine has to come out again and I have to strip the frame, so it is all relative I suppose, I can move it around at that point. I was also able to install the one door striker I had. This really makes the doors shut close against the tub. Still need to locate another one.
I cleaned up a few exhaust/intake parts for paint and finally installed the exhaust manifold as well as the alternator setup. I then moved onto cleaning up the intake. That thing was a mess and I am unsure what to do about the color of it. It cleaned up pretty good, but there is still some gunk left on it, so my options are to leave it as is, or to paint it black. I vote for "as is" just because I think there is enough black on there and not enough of the aluminum color. It is just resting up there right now, today I will properly install it and hood up all the other stuff on it.

cb (03/23/08)
(03/24/08) I was picking through my gaskets today and couldn't find the intake gasket that I was looking for. Turns out that they don't include it in the master rebuild kits. I found this to be a little odd, since when you order up the part, it comes with both intake/exhaust, but what are you going to do? I am just happy everything seems to be fitting and things are progressing and my cold is going away!

cb (03/24/08)
(04/03/08) I was in Vegas for the last week, so I wasn't able to do any work on the Jeep. I had ordered up a bunch of parts, so when I got home it was like Christmas. Also, I just this minute got a phone call from the freight company that my tires should be here tomorrow morning. That is pretty sweet.
I was able to make it outside last night though for a couple hours. It gave me a chance to sort out some of the ignition issues I was seeing with the HEI setup I bought. I then moved onto the exhaust and then fuel lines just to see how it all lays out. I think I got a line on an exhaust flange, so we will try that tonight along with the hanger hardware. I don't have the original hanger for the rear of the Jeep, so I will have to fab something up I imagine in order to hang the tailpipe.

cb (04/03/08)
(04/04/08) I got out for a couple hours and got a few things accomplished. First I played around with the exhaust setup. It looks OK, but I have a couple questions on the mounting of the exhaust flange.
I never received an intake gasket, so off came the intake and the exhaust and I was able to put some anti-seize in place on the bolts and put the new gasket on. All set there and then I tried out the power steering hose and then moved onto the fuel line that was giving me trouble. I finished up by cleaning up the mounting brackets for the steering stabilizer and now I think we are in good shape.

cb (04/04/08)
(04/06/08) Tires were on the menu today and yesterday. I finally received the tires that I ordered up. They were a great deal and I am getting a rebate on them shortly... I hope, so all in all, getting them here wasn't too bad. Free shipping, rebate, reduced pricing, great! Mounting was a bit more expensive then I thought it would be, but all in all, I have 5 tires that are mounted and balanced, they are brand new 33x12.5x15 Mud Terrains and I did it all for like $150 a tire... no complaints. Oh well, there was the cost of the Laredo rims as well, but who's counting, I have tires on the rig!
I moved on to putting the front stabilizer in place and starting to plumb the brake lines. I got the proportioning valve all cleaned up and everything will fall into place, right after I remove the broken bolt that is in the way on the frame rail for the valve mounting location. I have to cut it out and put some nuts on the backside before the frame is all done. I also have to do a little repair for any bumps stops I want to put in place, as that is also an area that needs some attention. A lot of broken bolts on this frame!
The exhaust was buttoned up with some generic hangers and then I blasted and threw a coat of primer on the spare tire wheel. I have to get this painted black and the tire mounted, but that should happen on Monday when they are open. It has been a lot of work this weekend, but things are falling in place on the buildup... soon we will tear it down and get it ready to be painted up... yeah right!

cb (04/06/08)
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