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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #67
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(02/20/09) I finally got both door shells on and even got the passenger side door done. This was a bit more challenging then I thought it would have been. This will teach me to take something apart and not put it all back together. It came out pretty good without too many scratches. I just hope it stays like that. It really looks nice, I just hope I end up using them and not just popping them off and leaving all that time, money, and effort up in the loft. LOL.
I started in on the driver side door, but basically ran out of time. I also broke a few pieces (nuts, retainers) that I have to go to the store to get. I was able to get the regulator in and started cleaning up the small window, so I hope to get that in tonight. In fact, I hope to get that stuff in tonight if possible so I can hopefully finish up the driver's side door for tomorrow? We will see.

I ran the Jeep for a while last night and I have a small leak in what I think is the intake. It only happens when running and when it comes up to temperature, so I will have to look into that.

cb (02/20/09)
(02/20/09) Decals were the name of the game last night. I didn't have a ton of time, so I put on the 3 main decals and then moved onto the custom ones... they came out pretty good, I like them. After that, I tried to get the little triangle window in on the hard door on the driver side. That finally got into where it belonged and then I went to town on getting the antifreeze leak fixed. It seems that is coming out of the intake. I need to tighten that up I suppose. Makes somewhat of sense, so at least I have a plan.

cb (02/21/09)
(02/22/09) So, the first picture had me flying high as a kite... it was a very nice day out, I got the Jeep out, let her run for about 20 minutes, and then... antifreeze... but where was it coming from?

It took me most of the day to figure out where this was coming from. At first, I thought it was the intake, so I let it cool down and I retorqued the intake and exhaust bolts... fired it back up, and once it warmed up, it leaked again. Not so good. It really sucked. So, I wiped down the block and got out some binoculars and sure enough, it was coming from the BLOCK... cracked block was the first thing I thought... so I took some pictures and will post it up to the Jeep Forums and see what feedback I get.

I did start in on the door panels and some of the driver side door, with the weather stripping and such, but I spent most of the day trying to figure out the block weeping... and now I am weeping.

cb (02/22/09)
(02/23/09) The doors are done... finally! The driver side went a bit easier then the passenger side and even seems to work a bit better. Not sure why, but I am not going to complain at all.

The leak is there, not sure what to do about it, I have a call into the engine shop, we will see if they get back to me or not. As for the rest, the speedometer cable was melted, so I have to get a new one of those and also, I have no more synthetic grease for the shackle bushings, and finally, the shifter boots are in, but I had to modify them a bit, so I want to see if anyone else has a picture of what they did for theirs.

cb (02/23/09)
(02/28/09) This week has been slow, but I got a few things working, like the horn, the steering wheel, the speedometer, and I even greased up a few things. All in all, it is coming along, I just didn't have a whole lot of time to put into it this week. I am hopefully going to pick up a replacement block this weekend... it has to be done... I don't like it, but it is what it is. Oh, I almost forgot, when cleaning out the shed, I found a fuel filler that was in better shape, so I swapped that out as well. It looks better.

cb (02/28/09)
(03/01/09) The last couple days have been slow and steady on the Jeep. I took it out and drove it a bit after I greased up all the underside. I found some bolts that needed to be re-tightened, one of the wheels was missing a lug nut, little things like that. I then put it in 4-LO and let it climb unassisted up the snow... worked out well. So, back in to play with the window in the rear. The gasket has sort of a lock on it that I didn't get at first, thus the gaps in the corner, after playing with it for a bit, I was able to get it looking good. I think the rear slider will make a big difference.

Finally, I went out this morning and got a new block that was graciously donated to me by one of the guys on the forum. Thanks Carl, that was great. I brought him down a used gas tank skid, so it worked out. He got more room in his garage, I gave him a little something and now I can rip this down and see what lurks inside of it.

cb (03/01/09)
(03/02/09) The day started out with me meeting a guy that needed some parts, the day ended with me pulling apart a donor 258. A lot of stuff transpired in between.
The engine was donated to me by someone on the JeepForum named Carl. A real nice guy that is building Jeeps for his son/daughter and this was a part that needed to go. I was able to strip it all down last night once I got home and it looks to have NOT been rebuilt and it also looks to be in good shape. We are in the middle of a nor'easter at the moment, but in the next couple days, I will call the machine shop and see what they think we should do. I hope I can just drop this off and have them machine it and then swap all the parts over, I would just need some new freeze plugs, cam bearings and then all the gaskets.

cb (03/02/09)
(03/08/09) The engine has been dropped off at the machine shop and things are going on with that... he said this time he would magnaflux it 2 times to make sure! I don't blame him, as I think I am to blame, but it is what it is, we are doing it the right way to rectify the issue at hand.
The rest of the day was spent on putting on the rear swing away bumper. It came out nice. TKH FAB made it and it went on without a hitch... bad pun, good bumper. Anyway, I am having a front one made as well, so that will compliment the one in the rear.

I took the hood off, the front fenders and finally drained the radiator and took that off. All in all, it is just killing time until I get the engine back. I plan on taking the engine out next weekend and hopefully the following week I will have the machined new block back to transfer all the parts.

cb (03/08/09)
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