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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #57
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(07/21/08) We have been busy lately, so no real time to work on the Jeep, however, that doesn't stop me from spending money and stockpiling items to put on when I get some time. I ordered up a sport cage from Rock Hard 4x4 and that came in. It was freight, so it cost a bit to ship it, but all in all, it is going to work for what I need it to do. I unpacked it to make sure all the parts were there and I started playing around with it to see what will fit where. It all lines up good, but with the Wrangler body and windshield frame, there is a bit of fabrication I need to do in order to make it work out.
Sunday started raining, so it was a good time to move some more stuff out of the little garage and into the big garage and start spacing out. I now have enough room to walk around the Jeep without bumping into things and that is a very, very good thing.
I had to cut down the dash pad to fit, this wasn't made too clear when I ordered this up, but it makes sense now that I see it. I had an old pad lying around and the ends weren't in that great of shape to begin with, so it worked out.
I had Jen come out and help me get the top back on so I could see about the seat belt bolts and what not. I need to figure out how I want to do this. There are bungs now inside the cab, but I would like to tie them into the rear roll bar if I could. I have to see more about this, but for now, the Jeep is back together, the cage is loosely bolted together and it all looks pretty good. I ran out of time, and now I have to do a bunch of yardwork and family is coming up, but it felt good to get back to it.

cb (07/21/08)
(07/22/08) Only had a couple hours to play around in the garage, so I was able to strip 3 layers of paint off the brackets and drill some holes... that is about it, not a whole lot to report.

I snapped up a picture of the bottom mounting bracket. As this was designed for a scrambler, they have a different mount then that of the Wrangler, so I had to drill some holes. The 5th hole will also be drilled and I am contemplating putting a mount on the ground as well... we will see how it goes.

cb (07/22/08)
(08/04/08) Only a few hours were spent working on the Jeep in the last couple of weeks. The house and the new garage took precedent. Also, the yard has played a big role lately in what we have been working on. Just keeping up with the grass with all the rain we have been having is tough!
The good news is, I had a a few hours to play around and was able to mock up the new windshield frame into place. The old one looks "ok", but when you get into it, it is bent on one of the top corners and that didn't allow for the 1/2 top to sit down correctly. Aside from that, it was RED at one point and then WHITE was painted over it. This didn't go on well, for there is a bunch of rust AND a mouse nest in the windshield frame. It was better to bite the bullet and get a new one. I have to modify it still to look like a CJ one, but that should be too long. I will definitely try to stay away from the way the PO did it with a bunch of holes!

I cut out the old glass and will reuse that and finally I fit the doors over and over until they looked pretty good. I still have to paint them, but they are looking good. The whole Jeep looks pretty good for not having had any action in a month or so!

cb (08/04/08)
(08/05/08) I started in on the windshield frame last night and got pretty far along and then dinner was ready. Back in my single days, I wouldn't stop and eat, just keep working until it was very late and go in and chow... not so good, having dinner at a regular time is nice, especially when you don't even need to make it!
The windshield glass I had was from a YJ, but the dash is all setup for a CJ, so, I had to modify the new frame that I bought to replace the old frame which was bent and then it had to be modified to heat and defrost the windshield like a CJ does. So, I measured, drilled some holes, used a cut off wheel, a uni-bit, and finally a little sanding and it looks good for a first pass rough job. Once I go to paint this, I will clean up the edges a bit more. Right now though, it looks pretty good. It is a LOT easier to do this with the glass out, last time, the glass was in and it took FOREVER!

cb (08/05/08)
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