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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #55
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(05/05/08) We went to see Iron Man, the movie today, since it was raining so hard in the morning. When we got home it had cleared somewhat so we did some yard work and then I finished off the evening with putting on coat #6 on the hood and tailgate and finally sanding down the front side of the dash and putting coat #1 onto it.
I played around with some clear coat on the Jeep as well. I have to play some more with that as it appears to be a bit tacky still and I need to know if I really even want or need to use it. I also melted off the stickers that were on the tub. I was hopign that the black would show through better to see the contrast with the silver, but it is OK.
The wet sanding process should take hold tonight around 6 pm or so with 1000 grit sand paper. We will see how it looks when it is all done. The process is time consuming, but the end result is pretty surprising.

cb (05/05/08)
(05/09/08) More wet sanding and I don't think I am doing something right. Either silver is a hard color to wet sand, or the sand paper I am using is crap and it is leaving behind black residue. I realize it looks like I am showing the same pictures over and over, but I am trying to portray how long it takes to "roll your own". Basically, it is a lot of coats of paint with dry time in between. It takes some doing to get it to look nice. It is coming along, but it is pretty time consuming. Tonight will be coat #8 and after that, I bought some clear coat, so we will see how all that looks.

I also got the headlight trim rings in today. A lot of stuff has been on back order, so I stuck them on to make sure they fit and nothing was out of place. It is coming along... only 400 hours so far and a couple hundred more to go... LOL!

cb (05/09/08)
(05/11/08) I was able to get a few coats of clear on the parts that have been painted and it looks like they will turn out pretty good. A lot of work went into this, but for the money, I can't complain.
I started in on the hard doors as well. I disassembled them and will take them to the sand blaster for a complete blast to see what we have. They came apart OK and didn't looks too bad, so we will see what happens when the paint comes off.
The doors have a lot of moving parts and something that I didn't realize before I started this is that you might have to replace the seals... there are a lot of them and they are NOT cheap. I just priced out how much it will be for all the seals, 2 new door handles (I don't have keys for the other ones and one was busted, new door panels, new roll up cranks, new door handles (inside) as the ones I have are blue and I want black and some other miscellaneous parts and it comes to about $400.00 in the catalog. I didn't think it would be that much, but the seals definitely need replacing, as they are 30 years old and all dried out and cracked. Fun fun!

cb (05/11/08)
(05/11/08) The work on the Jeep continues, but it has been a slow grind. I think I put in 4 hours this week. I would have thought it would have been more productive as I was home alone for the past few days, but none the less, other things have taken over and not a whole lot has been done. Some parts have come in for the Jeep that I have ordered up so that is good news and the dash, tailgate and hood now are done and are residing in the basement until they are installed. I buffed out the paint with the clear on it and aside from some orange peel under the clear, it doesn't look half bad. I tried out a tailgate I had lying around in RED to see how it would look on a Jeep... if I ever do another one... that might be an option.
The louvers went on without a hitch last night and so did the fender flares. I had to order up some new ones after I installed the old ones I had lying around and they just were sagging a bit too much for my taste. I finished up the night putting some of the hood accessories on and finally cleaned up the garage a bit for the builders to knock a hole through the wall into the new digs... well hopefully they will be doing that in the next couple weeks. The foundation is all in and ready to go, we just need some wood now! Then I will be able to have a bit more room and get my Jeeps back up here! I am sure Jen's Father will be very happy to have HIS garage back!

One last thing to note, the doors and bulkhead are at the sandblaster today and I should have them back tomorrow blasted and primed. We will see what kind of job they do and if it is good, I will bring the frame, skid plate, and finally the roll bar over to them.

cb (05/15/08)
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