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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #69
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(03/26/09) I had to knock off a bit early to discuss the next project with the owner. It looks like it will be a tub swap with a bunch of goodies. I am looking forward to it; it should be a nice project. The plan is to then take it out to Moab... pretty adventurous, look for it starting at the end of April. Now, onto the Jeep in question.
I got the wiring mostly done and the Jeep starting to be put back together. The passenger fender is on and in place and the grille is there as well. I still have to hook up the plumbing and put some anti-freeze in there, but all in all, not a big deal. The driver side fender also needs to go on and then the once over and hopefully start it Friday night. I only have an hour or so tonight to work on it, so we will see what I can get done.

cb (03/26/09)
(03/27/09) I really put some time into the Jeep last night getting a lot of the things buttoned up. As you can see, not a whole lot more to do to get it back together. I am hoping the front bumper comes in today so I can get that on, the hood on and hopefully tag it and get it on the road soon. So many weeks waiting to get back to this point. Electrical is all hooked up, I ran out of coolant last night filling it up, not to mention some other fluids, so I plan on getting that stuff (after the dentist...ick), and then firing it up and letting it run tonight. It is supposed to be 45 all day, so no fear of freezing temperatures to crack yet another block... KNOCK ON WOOD!

cb (03/27/09)
(03/28/09) I DROVE it today! I got it tagged in the morning and at 5 pm I headed out down the road. It was a quick 2 miles down and 2 miles back, it smelled like all the new paint was burning, but the good news is, I DROVE it. Now, I have to get it aligned because it was freaky driving it!

cb (03/28/09)
(03/29/09) I went out to tighten a bunch of bolts and check for leaks and such and decided to rip off a plate for the hole in the firewall. It would have been a whole lot easier if I had done this when the body was off, but what can you do.

So, I measured the hole, I cut it out of cardboard, then I traced it oversized, but it out of some sheet metal I had around, then I sanded it down, painted it up and now it is drying. I think I will just glue it in place, not sure really what to do because I found this: TOY PLUG The dimensions were exact. I measured mine and it was 3" x 1.5" and this plug was the same. So, I emailed the guy to see what he thought and I hope to hear back from him soon. At about 12 bucks shipped to me, I might give it a try. Apparently Jeeps had something in common with 71-77 Toyota's... who would have thunk?

cb (03/29/09)
(04/05/09) I received the bumper the other day, so I got to work putting that on. It required some trimming to fit, but all in all, just some new Grade-8 bolts and a couple hours of putting it back on, taking it off, grinding, etc. and we were in business. I am still waiting on a few more parts, but the good news is that I got an inspection sticker for it, the temp plates are on it and I am able to drive it. So, things aren't too bad ;)

In the pictures, the first test fit showed that the holes didn't quite line up, so off it came and some grinding occurred, then it went back on and fit OK. The 1/2" bolts on the side are purposely long as when the winch plate comes in, I will put it all together and then trim those to size once I know how much I need. With the Orange Jeep the bolts were too short and I needed to go out and get more and I really didn't want to have to do that this time.

cb (04/05/09)
(04/12/09) I haven't been too busy with the Jeep lately, as I have been working on another one and I have been traveling for work quite a bit. I got the plates in the mail and put them on, so that is good news and hopefully this weekend I will be done with the Wrangler and I can get that up on the site. Nothing big, just an exhaust manifold swap, but it took a long time as the bolts were all frozen.

cb (04/12/09)
(06/27/09) I have been busy working on the latest project and it has consumed so much of my time lately. I put together a bunch of shots and even a small video of the Jeep crawling up the driveway in 4-Lo with the T-18... it is great, it was crawling along.

cb (06/27/09)
(03/01/10) I basically have driven the Jeep for the summer and parked it for the winter. The new arrival of our baby girl has taken up a lot of time that I used to work on all the Jeeps. I did however find time to put on the new winch/air compressor package from WARN. It is a Power Plan 9500 and it is heavy and very cool looking. I can't wait to see how it performs, but I ran out of time last night.

Everything went smoothly except for when the light tabs on the custom bumper hit the top of the winch and air compressor, so I had to trim those up and get rid of a little bit. I then hooked the electrical up to make sure it worked and that was fine and then I realized that this thing has a filter reloation for the air inlet to the air compressor, so I have to mount that. I recommend reading the directions, it helps save time in the long run!

cb (03/01/10)
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