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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #36
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(12/31/07) Yesterday was a lot of running around, but I was able to get out to the garage and start working on the motor mounts and also putting on another coat of paint onto the sway bar. I finished up installing the sway bar and turned my attention to the Dana 300.
I plan on putting the Dana 300 behind the T18 I have, so I wanted to separate it from the T-5 transmission that it is attached to currently to see what kind of shape the gears are in. I didn't get to far in that endeavor as I only got out 5 bolts and forgot about the one inside the T-5 transmission cover. I hope to get that off today.
It is snowing now, so I am off to do some plowing and such, so the Jeep will have to wait until I am done.

cb (12/31/07)
(01/01/08) I opened the door to walk out to the garage to see about getting some work done on the Jeep and much to my surprise, a package was there. I thought there were NO deliveries the day before New Years, but I was wrong... and much to my surprise, there was a nice T176 bell housing located inside. This I bought a while back for the Ford T-18 I plan on dropping into this Jeep.
I took the package into the garage and started where I finished off the previous day. I put the motor mounts in place to make cure they still fit and the bolts were long enough. This is going to have to wait until later on in the week as the poly mounts have not arrived yet from
After the motor mounts were all set, I broke apart the Dana 300, T-5 transmission, and finally the skid plate. The pieces were cleaned up some what as they were really dirty and that is when it dawned on me. I think I have the bell housing for the T-5. This is where it starts to get a little strange. I can't remember when or where I got this bell housing, but it definitely does NOT fit the T-5. I looked back through my notes and pictures and can see that it definitely did NOT come with the 1982 258 engine I got for free. It may have come as part of the frame/tub I got, but I can't seem to find any pictures of it. I will post it up on the forum and see what people think.
I cleaned up the shop a bit and headed inside to enjoy New Year's with my wife. Before I went in, I was playing around with some pedals I have. Basically trying to put together something that will end up working with the hydraulic clutch setup I want to run.

cb (01/01/08)
(01/03/08) I successfully got the bell housing connected to the transmission and it looks like it has the right clearance. I then tipped it on its side so I can see how the whole thing is going to mount to the skid plate. I kept the T-5 mounting bracket. We will have to see how it all comes together when I order up the adapter from Novak. I am going to go with them I think due to the fact that it has the clocking ring built into the adapter, so if I want to clock the Dana 300 upwards, I can do that without an issue.
I finished up the evening by removing the intake and exhaust manifolds from the 258 donor engine I had sitting in the corner. After that, I pulled the valve cover and hopefully tonight I will remove the head so I can see what we have lurking down in there. It won't spin freely, so I want to get a feel for what is inside and if I have to go a different route.

cb (01/03/08)
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