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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #18
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(08/23/07) It has been only a month or so since I have updated the FJ section. It has been a crazy time over the past few weeks. I had to finish up the deck, wedding planning took over and finally a lot of traveling. So, I had a few hours, so I picked up where I left off and really got something accomplished that is tangible.
Since I got the dashes, I havenít seen a whole lot of deals out there. I was able to pick up a set of Laredo rims, which is cool, but other then that, not a lot of activity in the summer months. Usually this happens more in the winter months.
So, I got back on the front axle. I took apart the axles themselves and remove the u-joints, cleaned up the housing, degreased it, painted it up with a couple coats of zero rust paint. I torqued down the main caps to 50 ft/lbs. and then the housing itself to 20 ft/lbs. after installing the gasket and some blue rtv.
I installed the u-joints after a trip in the blast cabinet, some cleaning and some new paint. I also had picked up some new end caps for the main axle pieces, so that was done as well. I put them all back together, and now I am waiting for the paint to dry on the front axle housing. I should be able to start putting that back together tonight.

How did that Bud Light get in there?
I got all the torx bolts out of the rear housing as well. I got the cover off and the diff fluid just flowed out. Looked a little dirty, but not as bad as mine was when I did the Orange Jeep. Other then that not a whole lot going on. I need to pick up some brake cleaner to help clean out the oil in the housing, but that isnít a big deal.

Nice use of the Frame to hold the painted inner axles before the new u-joints got installed...
I hope to clean up the rear axle and get the brakes off so I can get the 1-piece axles installed sooner then later. With the axles ready to go, next is the frame.

cb (08/23/07)
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