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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #26
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(10/26/07) Leaves, leaves and more leaves... that is what is preventing me from working on the Jeep. I always wanted a big yard. Now I understand when the elders say they want to live in a condo. LOL. Actually, the yard work for the year is coming to a close and then soon I will be out in the garage during the cold months working on the Free Jeep Project.
I was able to get the sawzalled body mount bolts off. After reading about how you just "weld a nut on", I figured it was time to give it a try... there were 3 hacked off bolts, so the first one I tried, I just put the ground clamp on, ground down the bolt, welded on the nut, and then used the ratchet and a breaker bar to get it off... worked like a charm! I was quite impressed.
I did that three more times and then it was time to put the body on the frame. I didn't have any muscle around (it was a Friday night), so I employed the engine hoist (notice it in the background) and I put a chain on the seat mounts with some bolts and I hoisted it into position and then slid the frame underneath. It was a little tricky, but with one person, it is doable. I am pretty excited as this is truly the first time we get to see the body on the frame... I need to just check the body mounts and such, but all in all, I am happy with the progress. It opens up a whole lot more room in the garage.
I finished up the night with getting the rear fender flare off. This was before dinner with my wife and a girlfriend of hers. I had to go pick up pizza, so tomorrow is another day. I plan on getting some stuff done as it is supposed to rain and there isn't a whole lot of yardwork to do.

cb (10/26/07)
(10/27/06) I am done with the leaves for now, so today, after getting the mailbox situation handled and the rest of the housework done, I headed out to the garage to get a few things taken off the tub.

I wanted to get all the fender flares off, but I thought I was going to be in for trouble with all the "star" bolts that they have on the Wrangler tubs. NOTE: The "Wrongler" nameplates have been removed, so let the CJ building begin.
With the fender flares off the passenger side rear and the inner panels off (who the hell thought about this?) Please note that there was a mouse nest hidden up inside the wheel well, not to mention the amount of cancer I found hiding underneath. There is a bit more repair work then I had thought, but it is good to find this stuff out now... it was hidden under the seam sealer on the inside of the tub.

Now, onto the "fire" stuff. I had said previously that the welder was the best tool in the shop... I don't back down from that comment, but I have to say the oxy-acetylene setup I got from a friend of mine came in handy with all the "star" bolts. I heated those bad boys up and they came out so easily... I think I have found a new love.
I removed all the Wrongler tailgate stuff and finally removed all the wiring harness stuff as well as vacuumed out the inside of the tub and finished cleaning everything up. For those who have never stripped a tub, what I got done in about 3 hours today took me easily 10 hours to do when I was doing the Orange Jeep... as you get older, you learn that heat helps quite a bit, not to mention having the right tools for the job.

For example, knowing what is crap and what isn't helps a lot as well. The fender flares were shot, they weren't going to be reused, new ones aren't that expensive and if I sold these ones, I was only going to get $20 bucks for them or so. So, with that said, a $1 sawzall blade allowed me to hack them off. This nets me out a ton of time saved whereas if I had taken them off nicely, taken 4 hours to do it, I would be in the hole time and money wise.

I am very excited where I am at. I know that I found some cancer today that I wasn't expecting, but for the most part, I am in good shape to remove the roll bar, get the rest of the tub cleaned out and finally weld on some new tub mounts for the rear and finally pick that thing up, weld on the rest of the new tub mounts and make sure it all fits. I am very happy I went outside today!

cb (10/27/07)
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