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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #37
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(01/04/08) Yesterday I was able to tear into the motor a little bit. I was able to get the head off and take a look at the cylinders. The motor would not turn over by itself from the crank, so I suspected a little surface rust in the cylinders. This is exactly what I found.
So, I tore it down a bit more. I took off the thermostat housing, the water pump, the front pulleys and finally all the stuff like the distributor and coil, etc. I squired a little bit of penetrating oil in the cylinders and let it sit for a few minutes. I turned the crank and wah-lah, it started moving. Before I scored up the cylinders, I cleaned the debris out that fell in there with the removal of everything and then proceeded to clean them up a bit.
This is my first engine that I haven't just shipped out to be rebuilt, so I think it looks OK, but I will post this up to the forums to ask what everyone thinks. I am sure I will get a lot of opinions. Tonight I hope to get the timing cover off and maybe even the oil pan so I can see what kind of shape the crank is in.

cb (01/04/08)
(01/05/08) I had posted a bunch of things up to the forum and got a lot of good feedback. Mainly in the areas of reusable components vs. non-reusable ones. I planned on not reusing anything that was worn, but after reading the suggestions and the fact that it is torn down this much already, we might as well go with new internals.
I was also able to get the rest of the motor mount situation resolved. The poly mounts came in, so I took apart the old uppers from the rubber mounts and then sandblasted them. I threw some paint on them and then hung them up to dry. With that done, out came the oil and off came the timing chain cover.
The cover looks a bit burnt, so I am not sure what that means, but it does look like the timing chain itself is a bit loose. I will post more of these pictures up to see what the final result of that is. I then flipped the engine over, loosened all the oil pan bolts up, and then it was time to eat. We have plans tonight, so in a few minutes I hope to sneak outside for an hour to see what kind of shape the crank is in.

cb (01/05/08)
(01/06/08) OK, things are going slower then I would want them too, but there are other things that I have to take care of and usually that leaves me feeling exhausted. Anyway, enough complaining, here is what I actually got done. First, I took the painted motor mount ends and attached them to the poly mounts with new hardware. I then moved around a lot of stuff in the garage to make more room. I removed the spark plugs and temperature-sending unit, and finally moved onto the oil pan.
The oil pan was the last great mystery. What was going to be in there? Was something going to be broken? Who knows? Removing all the bolts and bagging them for possible later use (yes, save all your parts for reference later on), I was able to get the pan off with relative ease and right away saw that the crank was in 1-piece. Not too bad. I flipped the oil pan over and saw what looked like black caulk in the bottom of the oil pan. Not the best thing that could have been there.
I scraped some of it out and then sprayed a little engine degreaser in there and went to down with a toothbrush (Mom would be so proud). Most of it came out. I still need to do a little more cleaning, but all in all the pan looks OK. Not sure if you can see it, but in one of the pictures you can see a bit of wear on one of the lobes of the camshaft. It is to the left of the oil pump, like 3 over. I think this is the worst one, although a couple others have some sharp spots to them, so I am not sure on them. I am going to head out today and hopefully remove the oil pump, pickup and the crank and if time the camshaft and timing set. We will see what that leads us to.

cb (01/06/08)
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