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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #52
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(04/07/08) We actually went to see a movie yesterday, which was cool because we don't normally get to do it. The movie we saw was "21", the Vegas - card counting movie. It was pretty cool I have to say. I just got back from there so it was cool to see all the scenery and stuff.
Anyway, that left less time for the Jeep, but I was able to get a couple things done in the 2 hours or so that I had. We also went out to dinner, so again, not a whole lot of time, especially with all the website updates that I did.
The spare tire/rim was coated again and the brake line retainers were put into place. Everything looks and fits as it should, so I recycled a few clips for the brake/fuel lines and tried them out to make sure they would fit. All in all, it is coming along.

cb (04/07/08)
(04/08/08) Sometimes you need a little motivation to get things done. I had to fix the height of the tub dolly as the cherry picker wouldn't slide easily underneath it, so I "had" to put the body on the frame. I didn't "have" to, but it does give me an opportunity to get some things done.

First, the transmission cover, that needs to be cut and put in place for the shifters. Secondly, the rear stuff has to come off so I can weld up the holes from the YJ tailgate. And lastly, I just needed to see how it was going to clear the new sneakers.
It looks great, I can't complain. I really like the look of the tires and the 1/2 cab. My wife thought it wasn't going to look so good, but when she saw it last night, she didn't say too much and that is usually a sign that she approves. If she didn't like it, I would hear about it... definitely I would hear about it... LOL!

cb (04/08/08)
(04/11/08) I got a few things done here and there. I was able to get the fan setup bolted in place to make sure it looks like it will work. I then tried out the return line for the power steering and that looks OK. I then modified the tub dolly I had so the cherry picker will roll underneath it. That is all set now.

I had a radiator in the shed and I have the new grille shell, so I wanted to try it all out for clearance purposes after I fiddled around with the shifter cover. The shifter cover is mostly done; it just needs some fine-tuning for the transfer case lever. Basically it hits a bit, so I have to trim that up.
The radiator fits fine, but there is a lot of rust on the mounting tabs, so I might be buying a new one, also the hood is NOT the one I will use, it was the only one I had that had hood latches on it so I could try for fit and finish. There is plenty of clearance under the hood, so that is good and finally everything is lining up as, it should.

NOTE: For those of you who want to "build your own out of a catalog", here is where it gets expensive. I have NO hood latch, I have NO mounting tabs for the shell, and I have NO fan shroud. All of that stuff will nickel and dime you to death!

cb (04/11/08)
(04/12/08) The trip to the basement worked out for me last night. I was able to dig through some boxes and find a shifter boot setup that I think might work out for me. I then unwrapped, inspected, and hung the front fenders. The look pretty good, I can't complain. For aftermarket parts, they are OK, they will work.

After that, went in to watch the Yankees/Red Sox game. It was a long day as the cat was at the vet all day and I had some issues with the truck at the dealership, but nothing that some meatballs and beer and the Yanks winning couldn't take care of!

cb (04/12/08)
(04/14/08) I am still having issues of a personal nature with the cat. She is still very sick and won't eat. Now she has kidney stones, so I have spent the weekend getting to know how to inject cats with IV's. I think working on Jeeps is much much easier. This is why I am not a doctor, or surgeon, or nurse or anything to do with needles. It is very tough to inject someone else... I don't care who you are, if you do that for a living, I give you a TON of credit.
With the weather being nice, the deck furniture came out and the yard started getting cleaned up. The snow is gone and it is time for the grass to start growing. What I was able to do though was work on the Jeep here and there. Basically I was able to remove the front clip, install the starter, take apart the OLD hood for it's pieces, find the NEW hood, sandblast all the pieces and paint them up and then get it all laid out to dry so it can start to go back together. It is a lot of work cleaning up parts and painting them, but as you can see, I do all the little stuff, no matter how long it takes. I was also able to clean up the fan blade and get that installed after paint. It looks good. I am just waiting on some parts now for the grille shell and then I can put it all back together for alignment fitting. The front shell wasn't quite PERFECT when I did it last time.

cb (04/14/08)
(04/16/08) The cat seems to be on the mend, she is eating treats and turkey now... not quite food, but it is better then nothing at all. I have been fooling with sheet metal for the past couple nights. I have been taking fenders on/off a lot trying to get things to line up. The parts are all aftermarket and they don't quite fit exactly, not to mention the holes are slightly off, so they had to be enlarged and one of the fenders were dropped in shipping, so there was some straightening to do. Other then that, the distributor cap search is over, I found one and got that on, so now it looks back to stock GM.

I got some metal today and plan on fabbing up a brake backing plate for the frame/proportioning valve as mine has seen better days. That whole area of the frame will also need to be cut out and replaced as there are issues with broken bolts and rust there. I will do that when I strip the whole thing down.

cb (04/16/08)
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