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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #61
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(11/13/08) Well, well, well. We are finally back from our honeymoon and are ready to get back to it. The yard is mostly picked up, the plow is on, the deck furniture is put away and now the garage calls!
I don't have a whole lot to report, but last weekend I had a friend help me flip over the tub so I can work on the underside of it. That started last night for about an hour. It is in really nice shape, I just hit it with a wire wheel for a bit and then covered up the bare spots with some rust paint for the time being. I plan on undercoating it with some bed liner product before long. Once that is done, I have a bit of work to do on the inside of the tub to get the bed liner in there and then it is bodywork and paint... not too bad!

cb (11/13/08)
(11/14/08) I worked outside for a bit last night cleaning up the underside of the tub. I got a bit further but in reality, the Jets/Pats game was on and there was going to be pizza/beer, so I think you know what won out. I have gotten a bit more done though and I will head out there tonight as well and some time over the weekend. I am trying to gear up for the Thanksgiving week as I have the whole week off and I hope to get a bunch done between now and then to prepare hopefully for bodywork and paint!

cb (11/14/08)
(11/15/08) Well, since the last update, the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! won in a dramatic fashion. It was really a lot closer then it should have been, but hey, a W is a W. I have a few more hours into the underside and most of it is done. I made backing plates for the tailgate, I shaved down the rear lip so it fit better against the rear cross member and finally I got most of the surface rust taken care of. I really just need to weld up the holes around the rear wheel wells, grind them down and then undercoat it. Once that is done, I can flip it and start on the herculiner on the inside!

As you can see in the last picture, surface rust is everywhere, make sure you check it over and then check it over again! Also to note, I used marker to point out what needs to be welded, good thing to do if you are forgetful... what did I just say? Anyway, last but not least, I cut out the rear area of the underside of the tailgate so I can get the backing places in there, going to need to make the holes bigger and I tried to make them look nice as well, I figured, what the heck, ya know?

cb (11/15/08)
(11/17/08) Well, it took all day, but now all the old "Wrangler" holes are filled in the rear of the Jeep. The 6 holes around the wheel well on both sides, the rear holes for the tailgate and some other misc holes that needed to be filled are now all done. It took some time with the welder and grinding, but it should look very smooth and more "CJ" like when it is all said and done.
Seeing how it was as warm as it was going to get yesterday for quite some time, I prepped the underside of the tub by sanding down all the paint and undercoating with some 60 grit sandpaper and then cleaned and prepped and then cleaned and prepped once again the entire underside and finally laid down some dupli-color bed liner. I have never used this product before, so I can't say how it will hold up, but the price is right, especially for the underside of the tub. It went out smooth and I didn't have any issues. It dried fast and to a very hard/tough finish. I am happy with how it came out. I will give the tub a day to dry and then I will get some help to flip it back over so I can herculine the inside!

cb (11/17/08)
(11/18/08) I had a neighbor help me flip the tub over and I continue working the outside as well as the inside of the body. I finished up welding most of the holes on the top of the body and I continued to go around and sand down any surface rust and then treated all those areas. The inside of the tub was started as well. Sanding down all the areas so the herculiner can go on was started and I did a pretty good job of going through those sanding discs. The drivers side was the worst in terms of surface rust, but all in all, it just took a little extra sanding to remove it, then I put some ZeroRust on it and now it should be all set while it waits for the herculiner treatment. That hopefully will be done next week and then the bodywork can be started for paint!

cb (11/18/08)
(11/21/08) I took a bit of time and sanded down the firewall, both inside and out in order to remove any potential areas of surface rust. Once that was done, I hit it both sides with the ZeroRust and that looked pretty good. After that, I continued to sand the inside of the body and even did a little on the outside and hit it with a coat of silver to see what it would look like. In this game, you have to be patient to get it done right, but it never hurts to see how the finished product might look like.

cb (11/21/08)
(11/23/08) I picked up an OEM Wrangler battery tray the other day and today I was able to modify it to look more like a CJ tray. I cut off all the stuff I didn't want and hit it with a bit of black rattle can. It came out good.

I finished up the day with finally sanding all the areas that I could and then jammed the sides with silver. I have a bit of painting to do today in the corners and such, but all in all, I am looking forward to herculing this thing tomorrow, as long as I can get the temperature up to speed in the garage!

cb (11/23/08)
(11/24/08) The tub is all prepped and jammed in, the fuel injection setup got some work done to it and all in all, this thing is starting to take shape. I have a couple days off this week and I plan on getting to a lot of the bodywork as well as finishing up what I can on the fuel injection as well as doing the herculiner stuff today. The tub is ready; I just need to heat it up as it is freezing outside. The herculiner itself is inside and is 70 degrees; I just need the tub to get a bit warmer before applying it. The time the heater is on and warming up will give ample time to clean the tub one last time before applying the goop!

cb (11/24/08)
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