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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #21
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(09/01/07) I put in 3 more hours, I got dirty, I was tired, and I looked funny because I had a mask on the whole time. The good news is, the rear axle really took a few steps forward in getting closer to completion.
I know you are probably getting tired of seeing pieces of metal painted black and hanging from various areas of the garage. The only thing I can say is that it is a necessary evil in order to get this stuff done. I am trying to plan 3 steps ahead here and getting this stuff done is necessary to finishing this stuff up.
The toothbrush picture is something I have to dedicate to my mom; she always cleans with a toothbrush in those hard to reach places. Even after being sandblasted and sprayed with brake cleaner, I still got a ton of grime off with the toothbrush and cleaner. After it was clean, I cleaned it down with some alcohol and water and shot it with some zerorust paint.

One other area that was a major PITA was the rear differential cover. This thing was COVERED in undercoating and I can't really understand what. What is it that possesses some people to put that crap on the cover, but not on the axles or the underside of the Jeep? Way to go Einstein!
I finish this write-up off by saying that old carpets really come in handy for grimy jobs. If you see how dirty the carpets are, it would have been the concrete getting that dirty, so if you have some old rugs lying around or know some people that are ripping them out, grab them, they are great to lay on and work on when you are under the rig.

The axle is mostly cleaned up. I am in need of having to get out and get some cleaner, WD40 and some paint and once that is in hand, I will figure out a way to paint it and start putting it back together... until next time...
(09/09/07) I start off this write-up being completely sick... I got some sort of summer cold and it has really kicked my butt. I actually had some time to work on the Jeep, but with the medicine and the lack of energy, it has been wasted... I wanted to throw up some pictures of what I got done last weekend and some rearranging that has gone on.

My birthday was a few weeks ago, so I got a few more decorations for the garage as presents. They compliment the floor nicely, huh? I still have to hang these up... I have to get crackin!
Things are moving along though, I was able to get the garage in such a way that now I can have the project almost look like a rolling chassis and at the same time, still park the Orange Jeep in there.

For everyone that is wondering why the front axle is so nice and the frame is so not, the answer is simple. I am trying to get a rolling chassis so I can put the body on it. I then will measure for the rear body mounts, cut the old ones off and put the new ones on. I will then also replace 1 or 2 more body mounts that are bad, repair the rear section of the frame, put on the new cross member and clean up a few other spots here and there. Once that is all done, I will take the body off, take the suspension off, have it sandblasted, paint it, but it back together once again and then we should be good... oh yeah, did I mention that I have to repair the floors as well? right...

cb (09/09/07)
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