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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #38
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(01/07/08) The day went pretty well in regards to the engine being stripped down. I was able to get a few things done to it. I took off the oil pickup and oil pump, came out without any major issues.
After that, the timing chain came off as well as the camshaft came out. I couldn't get the sprocket off the camshaft, so I am not sure if it is stuck or if it just "comes that way"? but once again I will ask the handy dandy forum people.
The pistons, lifters, and crank came out and then I put back on the main caps in the correct order. Basically I kept everything in the order it needs to be in until I get the block inspected to see what, if anything, I am going to reuse. I doubt I will use anything, but it is good to mark it all and keep it all in order.
I finished up the day by trying to remove the valves. As you can see, I didn't get very far... actually about 1/2 way. This was because the compressor I am using isn't the greatest and the other half of the puzzle is that some of the valves are really quite stuck in there. I am glad I didn't try to use the motor, "as is" or it wouldn't have gotten too far.

cb (01/07/08)
(01/11/08) I haven't been able to get out to the garage for a couple days. I had some things to take care of and was traveling, so I got home and was able to get the skid plate on and take the body off so I could work on the rear body mounts and the removal of the underside YJ components.
I was trying to remove the rear body mount by drilling it out since the previous owner snapped off both rear bolts. I pressed too hard while drilling and it ended up falling inside the hole. I will end up cutting it out and welding it back together. Kind of sucks, but sometimes these things happen.

Also, I dropped the motor off at the engine/machine shop today, so I should have word back on that in a week or so for what condition it is all in. I am looking forward to seeing that is up.

cb (01/11/08)
(01/12/08) I only had 1 hour last night to try to get something done and that isn't a whole lot of time, so basically I got one broken bolt out of one body mount... ta-da! Not a whole lot to report, but basically since I couldn't get the bolt out by drilling it, I had to cut an access panel to get it out. Once out, drilling and easy outs got the thing loose... oh yeah, a lot of PB blaster and a ton of heat helped as well.

cb (01/12/08)
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