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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #20
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(08/27/07) I put a few more hours in on the Jeep and I think the majority of the messy part is mostly over. The rear axle was in rough shape when it comes to dirt/grime.
Put another 6 hours or so into the project and I am a bit further along. I was able to get the drag link and tie rod setups on the front axle to help keep the tires where they should be. Without them, it was flopping all over the place.
I haven’t spent any more money, which is a good thing I suppose… yeah, that is a good thing. Outside of the front axle, I was able to get the oil seal out of the rear axle and was able to sandblast the backing plate and spacer and get a coat of primer on them.

I then moved onto scraping all the dirt and such off the rear axle in the first pass. Looks pretty good. I still have to remove the other side and get that torn apart. I went the easy route and cut off the race and just slid everything down the axle instead of removing the hub. That is a bit more work and I don’t have the proper puller to do that. I wasn’t planning on reusing them anyway; I will probably just give them away to whoever needs a trail spare.
Finally I cleaned up the garage, laid out the new parts for the 1-piece axles and then called it a day. I did more vacuuming in the garage then I think someone is supposed to...

cb (08/27/07)
(08/31/07) I had a few hours before Jen got home so I got done with work and headed out to the garage for a bit. I was able to get a few things put away, cleaned up and finally was able to get a second coat of paint on the backing plate as well as the guard separator.
I am sure that many people take apart their drums different then I do, but here are a few pictures that do 2 things when you are rebuilding a vehicle. First, it takes a picture of what it looked like so you can put it back together and second it shows how you can take apart drum brakes if you have never done it before.
The springs came off first, then the retainers with the springs and finally after all that was take off, the shoes can come off and then the emergency brake cable can be unhooked and the adjuster can be pulled free. This that all off, I took off the 4 nuts off the bolts that hold the backing plate to the axle itself.
With all that done, I was able to take a crowbar and remove the axle assembly from the housing. With it all apart, you can see that the bearings were not as bad as the other side, but they still had a rough life. Good thing the 1-piece axles come with new bearings. Finally after all that was done, I took out the oil seal, removed the backing plate from the axle and finally cleaned the rear housing a bit to try to knock all the big stuff off of it.
I cleaned up and went into get some grub. I tried to clean up the backing plate a bit and soon I will be able to finish cleaning up the axle and start getting it painted and put back together. I received all the brake hardware from what I ordered so now I have all the stuff necessary to put it back together.

cb (08/31/07)
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